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Engineering – Student Resources

Student Resources

The Engineering Tutoring Center (ETC) is located in SERPA-117. It is open to all Northern students looking for tutoring or computer services. The ETC has seven Dell Optiplex desktop computers equipped with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and other utility software packages. Students have access to whiteboards and a multipurpose photocopy/printer. The ETC offers:

  • Tutoring Services for College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I, II and III,  Engineering Physics I and II, Computer Programming, Computer Networks, Biology and Chemistry.
  • Biweekly Seminars in relevant STEM Topics.
  • Auxiliary materials for Math classes.

Tutoring schedule for Fall 2015

Networking Lab

engr_networkinglab_smallThe four courses in computer networks are supported mainly by room HT-118. Room HT-118 houses most of the networking equipment arranged in two racks with over 15 1841 and 2811 Cisco routers and 2960 Catalyst switches. Networking software packages such as Putty, ttcp throughput testing, and Cisco Configuration Professional are installed on the desktop PCs. Both HT-118 and HT-123 rooms are composed of 22 dual-booting (Windows 7 and Linux Fedora Core 15) desktops computers.

Labs are composed of a work area, where students work on a desktop. The work area is connected to a telecommunications rack, which simulates an industrial telecommunications room. The telecommunications rack and work area and  are connected by horizontal cables, which run from a patch panel next to the telecommunications rack to a wall jack in each work area. Connections to the devices are made with patch cables.

Software Engineering Lab

software_engineering_smallThe Software Engineering Lab, located in HT-126, supports the Intermediate Programming, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Web Engineering, and electives courses. The lab has 18 Windows-based desktop PCs installed with all the software and hardware needed for the development of mobile applications, web engineering, and programming. The lab is also endowed with powerful T310 servers used to host different services for Web Engineering and Human Computer Interaction.

Computer Programming Lab

engr_programmingsmallThe Computer Programming lab, located in HT-123, is equipped with 22 dual-booting desktop PCs (Linux and Windows 7) and is used for Computer Programming I, Intermediate Programming, Databases, Microcomputer and IT Systems classes. In addition, the Computer Programming Lab has one networking rack with 2960 Catalyst  Switches and 5 Integrated Service Routers (ISR) with VPN, IPS, and advanced protocol capabilities (MPLS, IPSec, and others).


Solar Energy Lab

engr_solar_smllThe solar energy lab houses both solar energy equipment and general mechanical engineering equipment. The lab supports multiple class projects, hands-on training, and demonstrations for core mechanical engineering classes like Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. The lab offers a wide range of experiments in mechanical engineering disciplines such as engineering mechanics, mechanical stress-strengths, fluid flow analysis, heat engines and heat pumps, heat exchangers, fuel cell demonstration unit, and solar energy training systems in both solar thermal and PV areas.

Instrumentation Lab

engr_instrumentation_smallThe Instrumentation Lab is located at SERPA-115. It is utilized for Circuit Analysis and Computer Logic Design classes. The lab is endowed with National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation (ELVIS), integrated to a suite of twelve instruments (including oscilloscopes, power supplies, breadboards, multimeters, and functions generators). Elvis stations are  connected to desktop PCs. Each PC is also connected to a XILINX Nexys 2 FPGA development platform used for digital design.

Northern Engineering Student Association (NESA)

Ariadne Bito, NESA President, 2015


The Northern Engineering Student Association (NESA) will be an academic and professional development resource for student Engineers, and fields associated, within the college.  The association will facilitate state of the art technical education and training opportunities, as well as promote a collegial environment within our educational institution, and enhance the prestige of the engineering profession through interactions with government and public organizations.


The mission of the NESA focuses the activities of the association toward the ultimate achievement of its vision.  The following summarizes the current objectives of NESA's operations.  This list may be expanded or contracted by future actions of the NESA Executive Committee.

  • Academic Development – To provide students with a cohesive academic support network and facilitate their pursuit of knowledge throughout all engineering disciplines.
  • Member Relations – To understand NESA demographics and promote recognition of members for academic achievements and contributions to the community.
  • Social Relations - To promote a comfortable social environment within the engineering department that fosters growth and development amongst students and faculty.
  • Professional Development – To provide professional training and career development opportunities for NESA members.
  • Public Relations – To encourage member support of community and public organizations and activities.
  • Industry Relations – To understand the makeup and future direction of New Mexico industry and promote professional training relevant to that industry base.
  • Government Relations – To understand State and Local government and legislative issues and promote interaction between members and government institutions.

The Student Lounge is a great place for engineering students to meet each other, talk about their classes, or have a snack and relax. The Lounge has a fridge, coffee machine, water dispenser and an outside area that is open most of the year. The Student Lounge is open every day, including weekends.

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