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IR Standard2

Ex. 2.3.a.14 Title II Report
Ex. 2.3.g Unit Data Driven Changes
Exhibit 2.1.c.2 COE Master Syllabus Template
Exhibit 2.1.c.3 Academic Planning Committee Charter
Exhibit 2.1.c.6 Equity and Diversity Report
Exhibit 2.1.c.7 COE Internal Fall Schedule
Exhibit 2.1.c.8 docx
Exhibit 2.1.c.10 NNMC _ ASU Partnership MOU
Exhibit 2.1.c.11 Culture-Based Education Symposium
Exhibit 2.3.a.3 Field and Classroom Dispositions Checklist
Exhibit 2.3.a.4 Candidate Program Final Reflection
Exhibit 2.3.a.5 BA_ALPEntrance Packet
Exhibit 2.3.a.7 ACT
Exhibit 2.3.a.9 NNMC LogSheet
Exhibit 2.3.a.10 Lesson Plan
Exhibit 2.3.a.11 BA Pre Post Interview
Exhibit 2.3.a.12 Petition to Graduate
Exhibit 2.3.a.13 Conceptual Framework
Exhibit 2.3.a.15 COE Course Eval (sample)
Exhibit 2.3.a.16 NNMC COE Handbook (Draft)
Exhibit 2.3.b.1 Student Folder Checklist
Exhibit 2.3.b.2 Site Request Form
Exhibit 2.3.b.3 BA Student Teaching App Packet
Exhibit 2.3.b.4 PTEAC Meeting Minutes
Exhibit 2.3.c.13 Diversity Tracking for Placement
Exhibit 2.3.d Data Collection and Analysis
Exhibit 2.3.g Assmt System Chart
Exhibit 3.3.f Collection of Competency-Based Artifacts
Exhibit2.3.a Assmt Unit Operations Flowchart
Exhibit2.3.a.1 P_MSurvey
Exhibit2.3.a.6 FieldLabExpPacket
Exhibit2.3.a.8 NMTeach
Exhibit2.3.b Assmt Cycle Performance Flowchart
Exhibit2.3.c Assmt Process Chart (Fairness)
Exhibit2.3.e Complaint Process Appeals Committee
Exhibit2.3.e.1 Complaints
Exhibit2.3.f Appeals Response Resolution
Institutional Report for a First Visit 2015 NEW 6.10 NARRATIVE

Northern offers over 50 bachelor's, associate and certificate programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math); Nursing and Health Sciences; Liberal Arts and Humanities; Arts, Film & Media; Business Administration; Teacher Education and Technical Trades.
Northern New Mexico College is the most affordable 4-year college in the Southwestern US. Choose us for our value, our quality degree and continuing education programs in diverse areas of study, and our experienced faculty. We provide students with unique opportunities for academic, personal, and professional growth, small class sizes, personalized attention, and strong hands-on experiences from day one.
The Northern Foundation remains committed to stimulate leadership, promote equity, and grow resources and philanthropy in the Española Valley and surrounding rural areas. Over the past twenty years, we have granted $1.3 million to support over 1,250 NNMC students.