Exhibit 1.4.1

1.4.1.p List of BA and ALP Candidates by program in last 3 years
Exhibit 1.4.1.a Mentor-Principal Survey 2015
Exhibit 1.4.1.b Principal Survey Spring 2013
Exhibit 1.4.1.c Principal Survey Spring 2012
Exhibit 1.4.1.d AssmtProcessChart (Fairness)
Exhibit 1.4.1.e Spring 2014_ALP_ACT
Exhibit 1.4.1.f Spring 2014_BA_ACT
Exhibit 1.4.1.g Fall 2014_BA_ALP_ACT
Exhibit 1.4.1.h Spring 2015_BA_ALP_ACT
Exhibit 1.4.1.i Fall 2015_BA_ALP_ACT
Exhibit 1.4.1.j Pre_Post Interview BA Data
Exhibit 1.4.1.k BA_Disposition_Spring 2014
Exhibit 1.4.1.l BA_ALP_Disposition_Fall 2014
Exhibit 1.4.1.m BA_ALP_Dispositio_Spring 2015
Exhibit 1.4.1.n Field Disposition Checklist - Fall 2015
Exhibit 1.4.1.o Cumulative GPA Data for BA and ALP Programs
Exhibit 1.4.1.q List of BA and ALP Graduates by program in last 3 years

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