BAIS Program

BAIS class

Every student in the BAIS Program must enroll in one of four concentrations, referred to as emphases: Crime and Justice Studies, Humanities, Psychology, or Self-Design.

Each emphasis asks basic questions about the human being from its distinct perspective, tradition, and point of view. In addition to taking courses within their chosen emphasis, students are required to take all seven courses in the program core.

In a series of Integrating Seminars, students are introduced to the interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary work at the heart of the program. In a second series, known as The Dialogues, students are introduced to the Great Works that have shaped our cultures. The program core consists of the following courses:

BAIS Office

Tara Lopez, PhD
Chair/Associate Professor
Humanities and Social Sciences
(505) 747-2120

BAIS Degree Sheet
BA in Integrated Studies

A. Integrating Courses
HSS 288: Foundations of Integrated Studies
(new course in 2012-2013)
HSS 388: Integrated Studies II
(formerly Inquiry Project)
HSS: 488: Integrated Studies III
(formerly Senior Workshop)

B. The Dialogues
HSS 311: Readings in the Social Sciences
HSS 414: Art and Creativity
HSS 320: Genesis of Math & Science
HSS 421: History, Literature, Art, and Philosophy

NOTE: Students graduating under an older catalogue should see the 2011-2012 degree sheet for a list of specific course requirements. Students who enrolled in the program for the first time in the 2014-2015 academic year should use the current degree sheet.

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