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Degree Works for Students

What is Degree Works?

  • System for auditing progression throughout a student’s program
  • Used by students, faculty, and advising staff
  • Can perform traditional audits, what-if analyses, calculate future GPA, look ahead at courses

How do I access Degree Works?

  • You can access Degree Works from the MyNNMC tab at the top of NNMC’s website.
  • Select the link titled Login to DEGREE WORKS.
  • From there, you will login using your Eagle ID/Banner ID (ex:11111) and your PIN (Is Eagle ID/Banner ID (ex:11111).
  • Having issue please contact Janett at janett.orozco@nnmc.edu

Degree Works FAQ’s

Which students can use Degree Works?

Currently, Degree Works is available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students who have catalog years 2016/2017 to the present. Advisors, faculty, and selected staff will also have access for the purpose of supporting your progress through your academic career. If you are on an earlier, active catalog, please contact your advisor for a manual audit.

How current is my information in Degree Works?

The information in Degree Works is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (e.g., grade changes or classes added/dropped) will be seen in Degree Works tomorrow. You can also refresh your data in Degree Works to get the most up-to-date information.

Can I register for courses in Degree Works?

No. Degree Works is a snapshot of courses in-progress, planned, and in academic history. This may be an option in the future.

Are my grades visible in Degree Works?

Yes, once grades have been processed at the end of the semester. Midterm grades are not available in Degree Works.

Can I see a list of all of the classes that I’ve taken and how many classes I have left to fulfill my requirements?

Yes, you can find the courses you have taken at NNMC as well as transfer courses in your worksheet audit. To identify requirements that you still need to complete, look for unchecked boxes. Degree Works is laid out in block format displaying degree, major, minor, and concentration requirements information.

What do I do if I believe my academic information is incorrect?

You should consult your academic advisor for a review of your audit.

Why isn’t my information up-to-date? There could be several reasons:

  • Degree Works may not have refreshed since a change was made (the information is refreshed nightly).
  • There could be some paperwork that needs to be completed. For example, if you have completed transfer courses, it is possible that the university has not received an official transcript or the coursework is pending departmental review.
  • A substitution or waiver for a course requirement may not have been processed yet. Check with your advisor to ensure this information has been

How can I update information?

You cannot update course information or personal information in Degree Works. To initiate changes to your academic program, please consult with your advisor.

If I have additional questions about Degree Works, whom do I contact?


What if I have issues accessing Degree Works on my computer?

If you experience technical issues with Degree Works, first clear your browsing data (cached files and cookies) and make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox. If you still have issues accessing Degree Works, please contact the Degree Works Analyst

What if the major or minor is listed incorrectly or if the minor is not listed?

Degree Works displays the major/minor on record for the student. To make changes, please consult with your advisor for assistance.

What if a student has a double major/degree/concentration, but only one is listed?

If you seeking a second major or additional concentration, ensure this information is listed in your student information block. If not, consult your advisor for assistance on updating this information. If you are seeking a second degree, select the arrow next to the “Degree” block menu dropdown box located at the very top of the screen. If the second major is not listed in the drop down, consult your advisor for assistance on updating this information.

The major requirements don’t look quite right. What could be wrong?

Double check the catalog year listed on the Degree block to make sure it matches what requirements you are following. If you wish to change catalog years, consult with your advisor to see if this is a beneficial option for you.

The major requires a concentration but there are no courses listed in Degree Works for this requirement.

Please consult with your advisor to update this requirement.

How do we make a substitution for a course requirement?

Please consult with your advisor for assistance in initiating a substitution request. Once approved by the Dean’s office, the request will be loaded as an exception into Degree Works.

There are a lot of courses in the ‘Courses Not Applied to Audit’ section. Why?

If a student has changed majors, courses that were once required may no longer be needed by the new major. Students may have taken more elective courses than required by the major. Students may be pursuing a concentration or minor they need to officially declare.

What do I do with courses in the General Electives section?

Please review audit closely and consult with your advisor to see if unused courses could be applied throughout the audit.

Is Degree Works my official degree audit?

This degree audit report is a tool that you may use for assessing your progress toward your degree and for planning your future course work. Although we attempt to assure that the information in the degree audit report is accurate, it is not an official transcript of your academic record and it is not an official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements. You should contact the Registrar's Office for your official degree/certificate conferral status or to obtain a copy of your academic transcript. If you need assistance in interpreting this report, please contact your academic advisor.

What is the “What If”?

The What If Analysis is a Degree Works feature that allows a student to select a program that they might be interested in pursuing to see how their completed and registered coursework would fulfill the requirements for that possible program. If you are thinking of adding a major/minor or changing majors, this is a great tool to show you how your previous courses can be applied to your potential degree.


What is the GPA Calculator?

There are two different GPA calculators in Degree Works. The Advice Calculator helps you to determine how to reach a desired GPA. The Term Calculator helps you to predict what your GPA will be for the current semester based on the grades you think you will earn in each class.


Janett J. Orozco
Degree Audit Analyst
505 747.2116

What if I can't login to Degree Works?

If you receive a “Login Failed” error in red, you are using the incorrect username or password. Please submit a Helpdesk ticket with IT.

If you receive an “Error 500 – Internal Server Error” or “Authentication Error,” you need to clear your browsing data. Click the red button below for instructions.

If you have tried everything and still cannot login, please email the Degree Works Analyst, janett.orozco@nnmc.edu.

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