Dual Credit @Northern

Get a jump start on college while you are still in high school!

Dual Credit is a statewide program allowing high school students to earn college credit tuition free. Here’s your chance to explore your interests and begin your future now!

You can apply online here!
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Contact Kristy Alton
Dual Credit Coordinator

Benefits of the Dual Credit program

Dual Credit provides an opportunity for significant tuition savings. It gives students an opportunity to work towards a degree while in high school, and fulfills the requirement that all high school students must take one of the following courses to be eligible to graduate: honors, advanced placement, dual credit, or distance learning.

You may take as many courses as you wish including summer classes, provided they do not interfere with your high school work. Remedial, developmental and fitness classes may not be taken for dual credit. Dual credit students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid.

What type of Courses are offered?

In order to take a dual credit course, high school students must take either the ACT, SAT, or COMPASS placement exam. Scores help college advisors place students in courses that align with their career plans and academic preparation. Courses are offered:

  • At the high school with an instructor who has been certified to offer the course
  • Through online distance learning with other high school and dual credit students
  • At a college campus with college and dual credit students
How to enroll in a dual credit course
  • First meet with your high school counselor to complete the online application process.
  • If you have not already taken a placement exam, you may take one at your high school.
  • Northern recruiters and advisors visit each high school to register students. Parent/guardian consent is required to complete the registration process.
  • Pick up any required text books at Northern’s Bookstore.
  • Dual Credit classes are tuition free. Books are paid for by the high school.
  • Course-specific fees and supplies are paid by the student.
More about the placement exam
  • Northern works with counselors to provide the COMPASS placement exam in each high school. Contact your counselor for COMPASS testing dates, and for information on ACT and SAT exams (typically offered in high school).
  • If a you have already taken an ACT or SAT, you do not have to take the COMPASS exam.
Welcome to College!

When you are registered for a dual credit class at Northern, you are an official college student and are entitled to use the free resources available to all college students, including:

  • Student Success Center
  • Tutoring Services
  • Writing Center
  • Ben Lujan Library
  • Free admission to basketball games and other student activities
  • Access to the game room, gym and weight room.
Grades and Transcripts

Grades will be mailed to the high school at the end of the semester. Students may access their final grades through their myNNMC account online. Grades are not mailed directly to students. Students who would like their NNMC transcripts mailed to another college or university, should submit a request to the NNMC Registrar’s office, located in the Administration Building.

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