Plagiarism Incident Reporting and Resources Page

This page provides resources for faculty for preventing plagiarism by students and also for reporting incidences of plagiarism and cheating, and information on a program to teach students how to avoid committing plagiarism.

Prevention efforts can make a big difference in reducing plagiarism incidents.  Please click on the link below to see the top recommendations from the NNMC faculty on preventing plagiarism.

Faculty Recommendations for Preventing Plagiarism

Northern's 2016-2018 Catalog (pg. 61) states that instructors have discretion in addressing incidences of plagiarism and/or cheating and in their classroom, and should consult department chairpersons as needed.

In an effort to track incidences of plagiarism and cheating on campus, the Academic Standards Committee of the Faculty Senate urges faculty members to report incidences of plagiarism and cheating. Your participation allows the committee to keep track of plagiarism and cheating at Northern and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs.  If you have encountered plagiarism and/or cheating in your class, please download and complete the Plagiarism and Cheating Incident Form and then send it to the Academic Standards Committee (

For plagiarism cases, the offending student may benefit from taking part in a program to teach them to avoid committing plagiarism in the future. This "Curriculum for Avoiding Plagiarism" (CAP) consists of the student enrolling in a short course on proper citation and avoiding plagiarism. The course concludes with an exam. Students who complete the course with an 85% or higher on the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Ben Lujan Library.

If you would like enroll the student into CAP, please download and complete the CAP Program Enrollment and Completion Form and follow the instructions therein.  Please contact the Academic Standards Committee ( if you have any questions.

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