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Student Success Initiative

Student Success Academy

As part of the Higher Learning Commission’s required Quality Initiative, NNMC is participating in the Student Success Academy.

The Academy is a structured, mentor-facilitated multi-year program aimed at evaluating and improving institutional factors that affect student success.

The Student Success Academy is built around the investigation of four key factors to help institutions identify their current realities and discover areas of opportunity for improving student success:

  1. Data: Who are NNMC’s students? And, what do we know about them?
  2. Initiatives: What are we doing to support student success?
  3. Infrastructure: How do our processes, policies, and procedures affect student success?
  4. Engagement: Who is engaged in student success efforts? How is student success promoted and recognized?

Program Structure & Progress

Year 1 Environmental Scan

This step includes an inventory of available data on the institution’s student populations and an assessment of its capacity for managing those data, together with a survey on perceptions at the institution of what student success means.

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This step requires an examination of current initiatives at the institution that are designed to support student success, the resources they require, and their documented impact (if available).

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This step requires an examination of infrastructure and inhibitors at the institution that are designed to support  or unintentionally hinder student success (if available).

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Infrastructure Inventory Update to the HLC
High DFW Courses Project

  • Other data may be available upon request

Year 2 Analysis & Planning

The team conducts an inventory of personnel engaged in student success efforts, means of promoting and recognizing student success at the institution, and resources allocated to supporting engagement.

A total of 9 focus groups were held with staff, faculty, students, and administration. A brief summary of those results was provided Spring 2023. Find more information at: Spring 2023 Convocation Focus Group Presentation

A summary of the Student Success Academy next steps to create a plan was provided during the Fall 2023 Convocation. Find more information at: Fall 2023 Convocation Update


The team created a draft plan to address gaps in the institution’s data, initiatives, infrastructure and engagement that will guide the institution in systematically improving student success.

Quality Initiative Student Success Plan

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