Professional Development

Northern is committed to providing high quality, professional and personal education opportunities. We offer a variety of professional development courses designed to enhance skills and competencies.

Professional development workshops and trainings are available to meet the professional and personal needs of faculty, staff and students and are offered at various times throughout the year. We invite you to explore our programs and download the presentations and accompanying handouts.

Northern's professional development goals are as follows:

  1. To support staff and faculty with professional development and training opportunities.
  2. To develop a formal needs assessment of staff and faculty professional development and training needs.
  3. To expand professional development and training by encouraging staff and faculty to participate in existing opportunities.
  4. To support workshop organizers with needs assessments and feedback.
Choose us for our value, our quality degree and continuing education programs in diverse areas of study, our experienced faculty, and NORTHERN provides students with unique opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth. “You will have personalized attention, something difficult to get at larger colleges. We provide strong hands-on experiences from day one.” –Dr. Ivan Lopez, Dean, College of Engineering & Technology
The Northern Foundation remains committed to stimulate leadership, promote equity, and grow resources and philanthropy in the Española Valley and surrounding rural areas. Over the past twenty years, we have granted $1.3 million to support over 1,250 NNMC students.