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Policy1010:Institutional Policy Development



Institutional Policy Development & Approval

Effective Date: 29 March 2012
Revised: mm/dd/yyyy
Subject to Change Without Notice
Comments may be sent to policy@nnmc.edu



Institutional Policy Review and Approval Process

  1. Policy Origination & Development
            a. From Within the Institution – Policy development proposals and revision requests are sent to the Policy Review Committee.
            b. From the President’s Office – Policies specifically identified and deemed necessary by the President or the Board of Regents are sent to the Policy Review Committee.

  3. Policy Review Committee draws up a preliminary draft in conjunction with:
           a. The departments requesting or most familiar with the subject matter.
           b. Any department or area that will be impacted by the policy.
  4. Preliminary draft of new policy will be circulated to the key areas identified in 2.a and 2.b and any other department required (Ex. Office of the Provost or Faculty Senate for academic policies) for review and comment.
  5. The preliminary draft returns to the Policy Review Committee which then edits and refines the draft and presents it to the President’s Executive Team for review and endorsement.

  6. Recommendations from the Executive Team are incorporated and the final draft is made available to the entire campus for review and input via the NNMC web site. A Broadcast will be sent out announcing the posting of new policies on the NNMC website for comment along with the url pointing to the specific new policies open for comment. Comment period will be thirty (30) days.
  7. Policy Review Committee will perform a final review and recommend changes (if any) to the President’s Executive Team.
  8. The President or a designee from the Executive Team will approve all new policies in writing and present them to the Board for consideration and/or final approval when appropriate. It is the responsibility of the President of the University, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board, to seek Regents' approval when a proposed action is of such consequence that it could affect the fiscal condition of the University or its academic mission or is of such public importance as to warrant the involvement of the Regents even though Regents' approval is not specifically required by this Policy Statement or any statute or other regulation.
  9. Once approved all new policies will be posted on the NNMC website in the online Policy and Procedures Manual and announced via Broadcast to the entire campus community.

Policy Distribution and Departmental Responsibilities

Deans, Directors and Department heads shall be responsible for informing their employees of new policies and/or changes to existing policies. They will also ensure that all departmental processes, procedures, and documents are updated to reflect new or revised policies.

Departments may maintain printed copies of policy statements. The web site and the electronic versions of policy statements posted on the web site shall be considered the most current and binding policies.

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