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Technology Master Plan

Technology Master Plan 2005-2010

In November, 2005 NNMC established its commitment to the future when it developed an institutional Strategic Plan. Technology was defined broadly to include both instructional and informational technologies and was recognized as an integral element in support of these critical areas. Thus, strategic planning for technology has been a priority in defining how NNMC can achieve its goals.

In 2006, a process was begun to develop a master plan specific to technology. The college recognizes that the purpose of technology strategic planning is to align the framework of campus technology support with institutional goals, directions, and priorities and to bring about an ongoing process that will continually assess the relationship between these two. The process is an endeavor to identify how we use technology at the college, how we wish to use it and, lastly, how to make a successful transition from one to the other. The scope of the plan is not limited to the Information Technology and Services department. The scope is college-wide, with a particular focus on student needs.

Information Technology Process Improvement Team

NNMC has established an Information Technology Process Improvement Team who is chartered to make strategic planning and policy recommendations for campus computing, networking, and instructional technology applications. This committee is also responsible for developing and overseeing the NNMC Technology Master Plan.

Responsibility for the Technology Master Plan 2005-2010 is under the charge of the NNMC Information Technology Process Improvement Team. Because NNMC is committed to a dynamic and inclusive planning process, the Information Technology Process Improvement Team expanded its role to include the Technology Master Plan. The Task Force was comprised of additional administration, faculty, classified staff, and student members.

For the development of the Technology Master Plan 2005-2010, technology was defined as any and all instructional and informational technologies that are used for curriculum and operational purposes. The plan focused on what NNMC needs to “do” with technology rather than on what technology NNMC needs to “buy.” Within the context of internal and external environments that are continually subject to change, the plan seeks to provide guidelines for future decisions and for an effective management strategy while establishing the philosophy and direction for technology use within the college. As part of its ongoing plan development activities, the Task Force verified that the plan is aligned with the overall strategic planning efforts of NNMC.

In this idealized vision, technology is more accessible to all constituencies. Classified staff and administration use technology to support students in such a way that they have open access to learning experiences and college services at any time and any place. Faculty is innovative in their use of technology in ways that both enhance student learning and facilitate community connections on campus. A high degree of human contact is maintained even while college services and processes are becoming increasingly automated.

The existing governance structure for information technology was affirmed and utilized during this process and will play a key role in overseeing the annual review of the Technology Master Plan which will result in modified goals, strategies and objectives as planning assumptions change and are updated.

Technology Vision Statement

NNMC uses technology to support learning and instruction, enhance educational opportunities, personalize student services, and provide effective administrative processes to meet the changing needs of the college community.

Technology Guiding Principles

The successful application of technology at NNMC will:

  1. Foster student success through the use of technology.
  2. Provide all students access to technological resources across social, economic, and physical barriers.
  3. Consider ease-of-use in the adoption of any new technology.
  4. Encourage and support creative and innovative uses of technology.
  5. Proactive in the application of technological solutions.
  6. Require collaborative input in technology decision-making.
  7. Be implemented along with appropriate technical support staff to meet the demands of the new technology resources and programs.
  8. Support the economic and workforce development goals of the college.
  9. Recognize the need to provide ongoing training and support opportunities for faculty and staff to effectively use technology.
  10. Maintain, monitor, and manage technology performance standards to meet the infrastructure needs of the college community.
  11. Maximize resources to provide for the highest quality technology systems and support.
  12. Support the college vision, mission and guiding principles.

Technology Goals for 2005-2010

  1. Student Access: Provide access to learning opportunities and college support services through the use of technology.
  2. Curriculum: Increase the use of instructional technology in the curriculum.
  3. Professional Development: Ensure the successful use of technology through ongoing staff development opportunities for all employees.
  4. Virtual Community: Use technology to foster a sense of community on campus.
  5. Planning: Ensure efficient and effective use of technology resources through planning.
  6. Technical Support: Provide high quality technology support for all instructional programs and administrative services.
  7. Network Infrastructure and Services: Leverage network resources and services to meet current and future technology and information needs.
  8. Computer Labs: Provide and support computer labs to meet student needs.
  9. Equipment: Provide technology equipment to meet the needs of NNMC.
  10. Outreach: Collaborate and share technological resources with the outside community.

Strategies for Achieving the Technology Goals

In order for this process to be truly successful, NNMC must actively review this plan on an annual basis. This process should revisit the planning assumptions and measure the college’s accomplishments against the Technology Master Plan. A modified implementation plan should be updated as planning assumptions are updated and corresponding goals, strategies, and objectives are modified. This ongoing process will ensure that the Technology Master Plan remains current and is tied to the college technology goals and strategies.

Following is NNMC’s Technology Master Plan


2006 Extend Internal Network to Accommodate Expansion of

Bookstore/Purchasing Area

   $ 2,000
Extend Internal Network to Accommodate Expansion of

Learning Resource Center

   $ 2,000
Replace 10 outdated laptops and 1 outdated printer in Library. Add 10 laptops and 1 large printer $ 40,900
Extend Internal Network to

Accommodate Expansion of ABE/Student Services Area

$   2,000
Replace 7 workstations in ABE lab area, 2 office workstations, 2 network printers, 1 projector and 1 scanner $ 19,000
Extend Internal Network to Accommodate Expansion of Student Services Area (includes new 48 port Switch) $ 10,000    $  75,900
2007 Extend External Network to Accommodate New Teacher Education Building ( includes fiber optic cable from JCI Building to Teacher Ed Building, New Switching Equipment, Internal Network Cabling, Computer Equipment for 2 labs) $350,000   $350,000
2007/2008 Extend External Network to Accommodate Automotive Technology Building (includes Internal Network and Switching Equipment) $200,000
Extend Internal Network to Accommodate Remodel of Business Occupations Area $  2,000
Extend External Network to Accommodate 100 student dormitory facility. Add internet access to all rooms. $300,000
Extend Internal Network to Accommodate Library Addition. Add 48 port Switch $  8,000
Internal Network for Cosmetology/Barbering Bldg $  6,000
Internal Network for Daycare Building. $  6,000
2008/2009 External Network for Student Union Building. Includes Fiber Option Cable to Building, Switching Equipment, and Wireless Network Equipment    $300,000
Extend Network to Accommodate Trades Bldg. Includes Switching Equipment.    $100,000    $ 400,000
2009/2010 Extend Network to Accommodate Classroom Building. Includes fiber optic cable to building, 4 computer labs and switching equipment    $400,000
Extend Network to Accommodate Student Dormitory for 200 students. Includes Internet Access to all rooms and wireless access in commons area.   $600,000   $1,000,000
2010/2011 Extend Network to Accommodate Classroom Building. Includes fiber optic cable to building, 4 computer labs and switching equipment  $400,000   $   400.000
2011/2012 Additional Equipment for Distance Ed Classroom in HiTech Building  $100,000    $   100,000
Total    $2,325,900
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