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El Rito Heritage Retreat Center PIT

El Rito Heritage Retreat Center AQIP Sub-Committee Charter

ARTICILE I – Purpose

The purpose of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Resource Management Committee, is to identify and implement new programs and/or opportunities to optimize the use of the facilities in order to make it profitable and beneficial to the north central community.

ARTICLE II – Members

The membership of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee includes personnel from both the El Rito and Espanola Campuses:

Quentin Wilson – Adobe/Carpentry Instructor

Cecelia Romero – Administrative Secretary

Lorraine Garcia –Business Office

Larry Tafoya,- Electricity Instructor

Mike Valdez- El Rito Maintenance Supervisor

Donald Martinez- Activities Coordinator, Vice Chair

Carlos L. Martinez – Director of the El Rito Campus and Chairperson

Rik Gonzales-Spanish Colonial Furniture Making Instructor, Director of El Rito Career Technical Education programs

Carmella Sanchez – Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Gilbert Sena – Automotive Instructor, Academic Chair for Espanola Career Technical Education Programs

Kurt Gardella- Student

ARTICILE III - Membership Appointments

Current membership was established through a combination of volunteering, recruiting, and being assigned or suggested by department heads or by the President of Northern New Mexico College.  The President of Northern New Mexico College will approve these or appoint new members to the El Rito AQIP Sub-Committee.  Term of office will be one year.  Continued membership is at the discretion of the President of the College.

ARTICLE IV- Meetings

Regular meetings of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee will be held in the spring 2006 semester as follows:

Meeting will be held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month (initially).

Meeting shall be scheduled to last 1 to11/2 hours each.

Meetings will be held at 3:00 p.m. in the Boardroom.

Members unable to make the meetings because of schedules will be included in communications via email.

Special meetings may be called by the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee chairperson from time to time as needed.

ARTICLE V – Officers

The Chairperson shall be appointed by the President of NNMC.  The Vice-Chairperson who shall serve in the absence of the Chairperson, and other officers as deemed necessary by the committee membership, shall be elected by the committee membership.

ARTICLE V –Attendance Requirements

All members are expected attend meetings of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee.

Members who are unable to attend meetings because of teaching or prior appointment schedules will be included in communications via email.

When a member is absent from two meetings without advance communication, the chairperson may consider recommendations for replacement of that member.


Minutes of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee will be drafted by the Chairperson, and then approved by the committee by email and/or at the next meetings, and warehoused on the NNMC El Rito campus website.

ARTICLE VIII – Amendment of the Charter

A SIMPLE MAJORITY OF THE Committee may amend this charter at any regular or special meeting of the EL Rito AQIP Sub-Committee.


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