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Northern to Honor Spring 2016 Graduates at Commencement Ceremony Saturday

The thirty-eighth annual Spring Commencement Ceremony this Saturday will recognize the accomplishments of over 100 graduating Northern students. The Commencement Ceremony offers a special time for graduates and their friends and families to gather and celebrate the hard work and dedication that has led each one of them to this momentous occasion.

The main commencement speaker will be David Roybal, an Española native and one of New Mexico's most respected journalists. Student speakers at the event will be Alfredo Lima and Gabriella Trujillo, both remarkable students with inspiring stories of persistence and dedication that has led to success. Ms. Candace Vargas, who will be receiving her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Saturday's ceremony, will be singing the national anthem at the beginning of the event. Graduates, friends and family attending the 2016 Spring Commencement Ceremony are encouraged to review the graduation information at Northern's website.

Congratulations Spring 2016 Graduates! You make us #NorthernProud!

College of Arts & Sciences

Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Science

Brandon Carlos Fernandez (AS Environmental Science)

Matthew Anthony Herrera (AS Environmental Science)

Vanessa N. Lopez, Cum Laude, PTK (AS Environmental Science)

Andres B. Romero (AS Environmental Science)

Max R. Villa (AS Environmental Science)

Aspen Jean Lowance (BS Biology)

Bridget D. Ortiz, Magna Cum Laude (BS Biology)

Oliver Josiah Oviedo, Summa Cum Laude (BS Biology)

Gabriella Florentina Trujillo, Summa Cum Laude (BS Biology)

Suzanne Victoria Whiteford, Cum Laude, PTK (BS Biology)

Danielle I. Clow (BS Environmental Science)

Julie Dolan, Cum Laude (BS Environmental Science)

Justin J. Madrid (BS Environmental Science)

Albert Nick Roybal (BS Environmental Science)

Fine Arts

Isaac Miguel Martinez, Magna Cum Laude (AA Film & Digital Media Arts)

Humanities, Social Sciences, Language & Letters

Sonia Araiza Loya (AA Criminal Justice)

DeAndra C. Fresquez (AA Criminal Justice)

Fermin Hernandez (AA Criminal Justice)

Adrian Alexis Infante Solis (AA Criminal Justice)

Kristina L. Ortiz (AA Criminal Justice)

Chastity Sandoval, Cum Laude (AA Criminal Justice)

Marisa Kara Chavez (AA General Psychology)

Destinee D. Herrera (AA General Psychology)

Frankye Kishah Serrano (AA General Psychology)

Randi Sowers (AA General Psychology)

Jennifer Rosalie Valdez, Magna Cum Laude (AA General Psychology)

Bernadette Gloria Gutierrez (AA Substance Abuse Counselor)

Frankye Kishah Serrano (AA Substance Abuse Counselor)

Abe Joseph Peralta (BAIS Humanities)

Danielle Angela Yingling Archuleta (BAIS Psychology)

Charles Michael Bracken (BAIS Psychology)

Har Dev Singh Khalsa, Cum Laude (BAIS Psychology)

Patrice Marshall (BAIS Psychology)

John Robert Martinez, Cum Laude (BAIS Psychology)

Alana E. Naranjo (BAIS Psychology)

Alexandria M. Ortiz (BAIS Psychology)

Naomi Crystal Ortiz (BAIS Psychology)

Tamara Shayne Valdez, Cum Laude (BAIS Psychology)

Math & Physical Science

Amy Ann Rendon, Magna Cum Laude (BS Mathematics)

Candace Sarah Vargas (BS Mathematics)

College of Business Administration

Mikal Ceronowski, Cum Laude  (Cert Barbering)

Rafael Escamilla Madrid (Cert Barbering)

Amanda Suzanne Maestas, Cum Laude (AAS Cosmetology)

Andy R. Archuleta (AA Business Administration)

Veronica Escobar, Magna Cum Laude (AA Business Administration)

Daniel A. Garcia (AA Business Administration)

Melissa A. Gipson (AA Business Administration)

Ross Griego Magna, Cum Laude, PTK (AA Business Administration)

Matthew Christain Lasiloo (AA Business Administration)

Leticia L. Munoz Grady (AA Business Administration)

Iris J. Naranjo (AA Business Administration)

Monica L. Naranjo (AA Business Administration)

Thelma Tapia (AA Business Administration)

Brittney C. Vigil (AA Business Administration)

Kimberly S. Yates (AA Business Administration)

Ashton Blake Johnson (BBA Accounting)

Amanda R. Martinez (BBA Accounting)

Stephanie Aragon, Magna, Cum Laude (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Suzanne Elliott, Cum Laude (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Jennifer Dawn Lucero (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Monique N. Romero (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Emma Alicia Tyra, Summa Cum Laude (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Matthew J. Valencia (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Ericka L. Zabala, Cum Laude, PTK (BBA Business Admin./Management)

Adela A. Chavez, Cum Laude (BBA Project Management)

Suzanne Elliott, Cum Laude (BBA Project Management)

Lawrence J. Gutierrez, Cum Laude (BBA Project Management)

Amanda R. Martinez (BBA Project Management)

Marcus E. Vigil, Magna Cum Laude (BBA Project Management)

Ericka L. Zabala, Cum Laude, PTK  (BBA Project Management)

College of Education

Ericka Marie Montoya, Magna Cum Laude (AA Elementary Education)

Nitzia Vianey Salinas (AA Elementary Education)

Anna Christine Fernandez (ALP Elementary (K-8))

Julie A. Salazar (ALP Elementary (K-8))

Cary A. Thrall (ALP Elementary (K-8))

Wilmer Alfredo Chavarria (ALP Secondary (7-12))

Rebecca Noel Jones (ALP Secondary (7-12))

Lanell Rae Matt-Sanchez (ALP Secondary (7-12))

Sahadri R. Khalsa (ALP Special Education)

Ericka Marie Montoya, Magna Cum Laude (BA Elementary Education)

College of Engineering and Technology

Terry G. Sexton, Cum Laude (Cert ABR Non-Structural Analysis & Damage; Cert ABR Refinishing; Cert ABR Structural Analysis & Damage; AAS Auto Body Repair)

Frank A. Naranjo (AAS Computer Aided Drafting)

Gilbert F. Viarrial (AAS Electrical Technology)

Ryan Nicholas Baca (AEng Information Engineering Technology)

Sergio Rene Cordova, PTK (AEng Information Engineering Technology)

Chase William Harrison, Cum Laude (AEng Information Engineering Technology)

Felicia C. Martinez (AEng Information Engineering Technology)

Margaret Alire (AEng Pre-Engineering)

Ariadne G. Bito (AEng Software Engineering)

Clarence Kuisseu Sandjon (BEng Information Engineering Technology)

Amanda E. Valdez (BEng Information Engineering Technology)

Christopher Johnson, Magna Cum Laude (BEng Mechanical Engineering)

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Aspen B. Tewa (AAS Massage Therapy)

Melissa Nichole Benson (AAS Nursing)

Lynn Marie Pedro, Cum Laude (AAS Nursing)

Hunter Marie Stermer (AAS Nursing)

Katrina D. Wilson (AAS Nursing)

Stephanie Branch (AS Nursing)

Rowane Dee Burdette (AS Nursing)

Samantha Cardenas (AS Nursing)

Lorenzo I. Garcia (AS Nursing)

Alfredo Viola Lima, Magna Cum Laude (AS Nursing)

Katricia Feliz Salazar, Cum Laude, PTK (AS Nursing)

Sierra Alexa Trujillo, Cum Laude (AS Nursing)

Cathy Joy Westley, Cum Laude (AS Nursing)

Peter F. Lyne, Magna Cum Laude (BSN Nursing)

Leanna Amanda Martinez, Cum Laude, PTK (BSN Nursing)

Lilliana R. Martinez (BSN Nursing)


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