Student Senate / ASNNMC

Presenting ASNNMC / Student Senate 2020-2021

Candidates for Student Senate

Joshua López

This year’s Associated Students of Northern New Mexico college members and myself will solemnly do our best to ensure that students have full access to quality education during these unprecedented times. The student senate will articulate opinions and interests from the student body of Northern, and we will do our best to address the concerns students may have with online learning. We will do our best to ensure no student, staff, or active community member gets left behind. With cooperation within the college and with the community at large, we will strive for academic excellence amongst the students and help keep them on track to graduate on a timely manner.

As President, I will do my best when working with the Board of Regents during meetings on matters concerning Northern students. I will create sub-committees and appoint members to Senate subcommittees that will encourage, promote, and instill leadership skills and services needed to get through our “new normal.”

My name is Ocleotl E. Lopez (I do go by my middle name if the first is one’s hard, Emiliano or Emilio for short), I’m 17 years-old and I was homeschooled by my dad throughout my whole K-12 schooling. My dad, Eric Lopez, is an X-Ray Technician at Christus St Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, NM, and he works 2 days a week. Having much free time, he decided to homeschool me and my other two siblings. He did this mostly because he didn’t think the current education system was working, and he thought he could do a better job. Throughout my homeschool experience, I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything with myself because I wasn’t going to get a High School Diploma. Thankfully that
wasn’t the case and my thoughts were incorrect. Last year me and my older sister who is 19 years-old, participated in the High School Equivalency Program at Northern New Mexico College (HEP@NNMC). Thanks to the program and its wonderful staff, I have earned my High School Equivalency Diploma and I am excitedly beginning my second semester in college.

College has been a life goal that I have been wishing for, for every long time and now that I am finally achieving it I want to make the most out of it. I love decision making and the way types of governments work. Though the student senate isn’t as big and powerful as a head of state government like Washington D.C, the idea of being part of something similar excites me! I want to be part of change, I want to support and help create change for the better, I grew up dreaming of one day being a representative or senator who fights for equality both for society and for our environment. Since I learned about the student senate in my first semester (spring 2020) I have been working as hard as I can to be able to sign up for it. People say that the year 2020 has been the worst year ever, I do agree with them but I also insist that it has taught us a-lot. I proudly boast that thanks to the pandemic shutdowns my hard work and dedication was put to the test and proved it worth with a GPA of 4.0 despite all of the obstacles that tried to put me down. I learned how to weather all the obstacles that come from the stormy seas of a public crises and I want to join the student senate to help give ideas to the college over how to make the transition to online classes easier for both instructors and students. And whenever the current crises is put down, I want to be able to purpose campus events that’ll make the college experience at NNMC unforgettable.

Sincerely, Ocelot E Lopez.

To Whom it May Concern:

I would like to state my intent to run for office in the Northern New Mexico College Student Senate. I am submitting my intentions of running for the office of Vice President. I feel that as a student senate officer, I can bring a lot of diversity to the Student Senate. I also am interested in being involved and representing the student body’s interests to the College’s Board of Regents. I feel that being a representative of the Student Senate is a very esteemed position and I know that if I am voted into office, it is a position I would treat with the respect it deserves.

As a first-time college student, the opportunity to participate in something like this has really been an honor for me. I feel like I am an older student since this is my first time attending college and I am in my 30s now, in addition to being a parent and having had many career moves in my life. I was given the opportunity to do an internship with Los Alamos National Laboratory and I have really tried my best to go above and beyond with my education. If elected to the office of Vice President, I will do the same for our student body. I will push myself to learn all I can about the office and any concerns that our student body may have that I can work to change. Please allow my determination and tenacity to work for you as your Student Senate Vice President.

Thank you,
Fernando Gonzalez III

Maria Evelyn Juarez

My name is Evelyn Juarez, and I am a first-generation, immigrant DACA student attending Northern New Mexico college as a senior Biology student on a pre-med track. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and immigrated to the United States when I was about one year old. Espanola, NM has been my home ever since. In 2016, I graduated from Española Valley High School as Co-Valedictorian. Afterwards, I attended the University of New Mexico – Los Alamos branch, where I majored in Pre-Health. After a year and a half, I enrolled myself to attend Northern New Mexico College, where I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Health Sciences in 2021. I also work as a part-time Early Childhood Program Associate at the LANL Foundation, a local, nonprofit organization. Recently, I’ve been selected as a 2020 ARCHES Fellow with Georgetown University School of Medicine.

The array of experiences I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned throughout my college years have sparked my interest in serving my peers as Student Senate Vice President.

As Vice President, I will strive to support the President in creating optimal conditions at Northern New Mexico College for students to unlock their full, uncapped, and gleaming potential. I wish to create a space in which all Student Senate members, NNMC peers, staff, and faculty feel comfortable to be their most authentic selves, and share issues, concerns, stories, and ideas. My goal is for everyone at Northern New Mexico College to feel seen, heard, and supported, as that will lead to positive change and growth like none other.

I firmly believe that a crucial part of one’s college journey is to find mentorship, a student’s secret weapon! As Vice President, I will work towards creating and supporting opportunities for our students to build relationships with professors, upper-level classmates, NNMC Alumni, NNMC staff, and faculty. I plan to support and create professional and personal development opportunities for our students, as well as focus on ways to further support students academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally during these unpredictable COVID-19 times. Finally, I will work towards finding ways in which NNMC students can become involved in serving and giving back to the Espanola Valley community.

One of my favorite quotes is the following: “Knowledge is of no value if not shared with others and put into practice,” and I look forward to sharing, with the Student Senate, the knowledge and cultural capital I’ve gained through my experiences in order to improve student life at Northern New Mexico College, our home away from home.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Evelyn Juarez
Class of 2021

Bruno Guedes

My name is Bruno Guedes, I am an international student from Brazil majoring in Business Administration in Management and going for my Junior year. I already had been part of the Student Senate for two years now as a Student Ambassador. The Senate tries to give back to the students the joy, diversity, effort, and resilience that they bring to the school every day.

That is why I am to be part of the Student Senate as a Treasurer. Coming from another country, Northern has given me more than just education. It gave me friends, awesome experiences, and opportunities that I will be always grateful for. I need to get back to this amazing institution what they have done for me and being part of the Student Senate is a way to do so. I will do my job with the same passion that Northen had to welcome me and to make it a home for me.

Shae Madrid

My name is Shae Madrid and I am a senior at Northern New Mexico College. During my time at NNMC, I have heard great things about being a part of something bigger so I have decided that I want to join the student senate and run for treasurer. When I say bigger, I mean the special importance of coming together as a college and even as a community to try and increase the chances of making significant improvements that can make Northern a better learning environment. This is my last semester and NNMC before I graduate and I would like to be given the opportunity to join the student senate and give back to the college that has shaped my educational development as a college student. I believe I can acquire an abundance of knowledge that can be very beneficial, not only for my personal and educational life, but also for my professional career.
During my participation in the student senate, I want to help students voice their opinions about issues they face during their experience at the college because chances are that others, including myself, might have the same concerns. It would be a great honor to attend school-based conferences, plan school events, and learn how to help improve the college for fellow students and staff. In joining the student senate, I believe that I can make a great contribution because I have sustained a great record of accomplishing what I have and continue to invest my time in. I have the ability to prioritize and balance out activities, schoolwork, and anything that needs to be achieved in case the council members would need assistance. I am respectful, responsible, creative, organized, honest, determined, and a great leader. I would be a great role model for others, which makes me a great candidate for the student senate. If selected, I would bring unique ideas to the council and would enjoy being a part of something that can be good for the college.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Shae Madrid

Doreen Salero

My name is Doreen Kate C. Salero and I am running for Student Senate secretary. I have previous experience of being a Student senate in 2018. I am a person that you can talk to and ready to help you with what you want to ask. I would be happy to serve as the Secretary of its Senate to the student body of Northern New Mexico College.

I am studying for a Bachelors of Business Administration major in Management. I am a junior during this academic year. When I was a Student Senator last 2018 I was able to help clubs get their funding by voting and agreeing on the activities held in Northern. I would like to serve again this year because I want to take part in the leadership role of the Student Senate. I would be able to help the students in many ways such as to assist a student that is in need of my help and to provide information they needed.

David Chaloupka

My name is David Chaloupka and I am an international student from the Czech Republic, Europe. I am majoring in Business Administration and this is my Junior year, so I have spent 2 years in the Northern New Mexico area and on NNMC campus before this world-wide pandemic. I represent NNMC Eagles in two sports, basketball and golf. I have previous experience with the Student Senate from my Student Ambassador position, and I would like to take on a representative role this year. I personally know a lot of faculty and staff as well as many students and I listen to what we could do better and how can we make NNMC even more attractive to new and current students.

I truly believe that Student Senate is a wonderful organization that is here for us, for students. If you vote for me, I will do whatever I possibly can to improve our school environment and I will make sure that students’ inputs will be heard. I have huge experience with being a Student Ambassador and a New Student Orientation Guide and I would like to transfer it into the Senator position in the NNMC Student Senate. In my opinion, it is important to be active because there is always something that can be improved! I feel like this is an amazing opportunity for me to give back to our NNMC community and to bring something new and refreshing.

My name is Victor, I’m a student athlete from Brazil. I’m a double major student, majoring in Business Management and FDMA. I have been involved with Northern New Mexico College Now for three years, where I was able to volunteer in many events, work as a tutor, be a part of athletics and represent our whole conference for the NAIA Student Athletes association and Student Athletes Council.

The reason I would like to be a reporter is simply because I want to give back to the institution that embraced me and gave me the opportunity to study in the United States coming from another country. The NNMC community always made me feel like I was at home.

A lot of people might not know, but I have been working with social media for 3 and a half years now, where I was able to reach more than 3.5 million views across different platforms . As I have good experience with social media and digital marketing, I would like to help NNMC in the senate as an reporter and a senator. I believe that there is a good room from improvement, and I can’t wait to help Northern achieve it.


The Associated Students of Northern New Mexico College (ASNNMC, or Student Senate) has been established to provide Northern students with an organizational vehicle to provide input to college administrators, and to sponsor and support student activities, participate in leadership training/opportunities, and facilitate student responsibility and empowerment in all areas of college life.

ASNNMC is the official student government body for Northern students. We have our own Charter and Bylaws, office space within the student lounge area in the Administration Building (Española campus), and annual budget to serve student interests. Joining ASNNMC as an officer or senator is the way for current students to develop excellent leadership experience while making new friends and helping to enhance campus life for all students.

The requirements for joining Student Senate are:
1) Be a current Northern student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.
2) Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.
3) Collect at least 25 petition signatures from current NNMC students OR two letters of recommendation.
4) Write a one-page essay/cover letter about why you want to join Student Senate and what you hope to accomplish.

Our bylaws state that Student Senate should have a minimum of 10 senators. When we have open positions, eligible students may join Student Senate at any time during the school year!

Northern Student Senate Charter/By Laws

Office: Administration Building, Student Lounge Area

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