Loss Prevention and Loss Control

The NNMC Loss Prevention and Control Program is a comprehensive and systematic approach to the many facets of safety and environmental protection. Its purpose is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the College community and reduce the number, severity and potential costs of injuries, illnesses and harmful activities. Loss prevention generally includes proactive measures to prevent or abate potential risks. This may be in the form of improved safety and training programs; implementing new, less hazardous processes; programs/projects to reduce injuries and property loss; and/ or general safety enhancements. Loss control is the act of reducing severity by identifying the factors that aggravate or increase a loss and taking proactive measures to lessen the effects of those factors.

Please see the links below for additional information regarding Loss Prevention and Loss Control

  • Loss Prevention and Control Mission
  • Loss Prevention and Control Plan
  • Reporting for Injuries and Illness
  • Safety Incident Reporting
  • Report of Occupational Injury (OSHA 300 Log)  
  • Resources for Accident Prevention
  • Registration for Campus Activity – Safety Review Required
  • NNMC Safety Policy
  • Safety Training Requirements
  • Safety Review & Prior Approval for Research Experiments and Non-Routine Tasks
  • The Safety and Security Department Safety Inspections
  • Near Miss Incident Report – Template to be completed for any NNMC near miss incidents (details on the form). This information is for use in preventing similar incidents and potential losses in the future

Campus Safety

  • Employee Safety
  • Pedestrian and Campus Bike Safety
  • Vehicle and Utility Cart Safety
  • Loss Prevention and Control
  • Fire Loss
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