Summer Bridge | El Puente

The Summer Bridge program at Northern New Mexico College is a free intensive 8-week learning academy designed to support incoming college students of all ages. Summer Bridge helps students improve college math and English skills, find good study partners, and get to know the campus and its many services.

  • FREE math and English classes--build a solid foundation, prepare for college!
  • FREE counseling + one-on-one academic and financial advising
  • FREE tutoring in math and English
  • FREE text books and materials
  • A full array of accessibility services
  • Have fun – from orientation to graduation!
  • Absolutely NO FEES

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What Summer Bridge students are saying about the program...

"If it hadn’t been for El Puente, I wouldn’t have come back to school.  I loved it.  It helped me review English and math and I moved up. " – S. Elliott

"El Puente was definitely the best thing I could've done last summer.  It helped me climb up the ladder and I learned many things. For example, I mastered essay and writing skills. I would recommend attending the program if you want to step forward on your career." – Mario Torres

"El Puente is a great program because I moved ahead in English and math by a lot. I really enjoyed it.   The instructors are great and someone is there to help you at all times." – Susana Rivera

"I had been out of school for ten years but El Puente helped me overcome my fears of coming back.  I got to meet great people and the program helped me accelerate through two math classes and one English class."  – Veronica Escobar

"This program helped me get back on track with my goal of becoming a social worker.  The teachers, advisors and staff were supportive and I got help getting through developmental courses and into credit bearing courses.  Also, we students got familiar with the campus so that we felt comfortable when we came back in the fall." – Maria Nunez

Summer Bridge | El Puente

Building the bridge to your future!

Choose us for our value, our quality degree and continuing education programs in diverse areas of study, our experienced faculty, and NORTHERN provides students with unique opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth. “You will have personalized attention, something difficult to get at larger colleges. We provide strong hands-on experiences from day one.” –Dr. Ivan Lopez, Dean, College of Engineering & Technology
The Northern Foundation remains committed to stimulate leadership, promote equity, and grow resources and philanthropy in the Española Valley and surrounding rural areas. Over the past twenty years, we have granted $1.3 million to support over 1,250 NNMC students.