NRGS Mentoring Program


NNMC STEM Mentoring Program is designed to help local 6th-12th grade students maintain their interest in school and emphasize the importance of a postsecondary education.  Students participating in this program will closely work with their mentor to set goals and take steps necessary to realize them.   Throughout the academic year students will participate in college/career readiness and STEM education events to enhance their academic/career skills.  The goal of this program is to increase the number of New Mexico high school graduates, emphasize the importance of postsecondary education and the readiness of postsecondary education, engage students in STEM education and promote students to pursue a STEM career.


Northern currently hosts Friday Academy for 6th-12th grade students in efforts for enhancing student’s critical/investigative thinking and reading/writing skills.  Northern’s faculty, students, staff, and facilities are put to good use as students experience hands-on learning in the area of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) language arts and business.   Friday Academy provides students with a real taste of college life providing students with knowledge about their future choices and careers while introducing them to a college atmosphere.  Friday Academy takes place at our Espanola campus where we can host up to 100 students in one Friday Academy session.


Northern New Mexico College Engineering Day is an opportunity for 11th- 12th grade students to learn about the different types of engineering through demonstration and hands-on activities in solar energy, information engineering technology, and cyber security.  Students will also get a sense of what engineers do and what college life is for an engineering student.  Students will also learn about Northern New Mexico Colleges engineering academic programs, support services, and admissions process.


Northern New Mexico College’s STEM Career Day will introduce students to STEM careers and give them the opportunity to interact and learn from men and women in the STEM professions and fields of study.  Students will gain insight in career opportunities and postsecondary education.  The goal of this event is to increase student’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through hands-on experiences, demonstrations, provide career awareness, and to give students the opportunity to connect with a range of STEM professionals.

Choose us for our value, our quality degree and continuing education programs in diverse areas of study, our experienced faculty, and NORTHERN provides students with unique opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth. “You will have personalized attention, something difficult to get at larger colleges. We provide strong hands-on experiences from day one.” –Dr. Ivan Lopez, Dean, College of Engineering & Technology
The Northern Foundation remains committed to stimulate leadership, promote equity, and grow resources and philanthropy in the Española Valley and surrounding rural areas. Over the past twenty years, we have granted $1.3 million to support over 1,250 NNMC students.