Tinsmithing Courses:

Basic Tinsmithing: Students will learn the elementary techniques of designing, cutting, punching, and embossing tin in the northern New Mexico style.

Tinsmithing I: Students will study the basic techniques of punching, embossing, cutting, and designing in the traditional northern New Mexico style.

Tinsmithing II: Students will study advanced techniques of punching, embossing, cutting, and designing in the tinsmithing tradition of northern New Mexico. Your projects will include nichos, columns, sculpture, and chandeliers.

About the Instructor:

Rita V. Martinez a third generation Spanish Colonial artist is a master at "tinwork", "retablo painting", and "bulto making". Her artwork is at many museums, including the Museum of New Mexico, the Denver Art Museum, and the Tuscon Art Museum, the Fort Garland Museum. She is a member of the "Spanish Colonial Art Society" of New Mexico.


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