Refining Procedures with Science

A decon system consists of three main components: procedures, training, and equipment. To maximize the effectiveness of decontamination for responders, victims, medical receivers, and others, each decon system component and the entire system HSA provides the capability to test and verify performance using the same methodology and standards.

Successful decontamination starts with procedures that have been "verified" to have maximum effectiveness and continues with training in that verified procedure that incorporates visible evidence of success or failure (performance feedback).

Increasingly, response professionals face an "all-hazards" threat from the combination and interaction of pollutants, toxins, industrial byproducts, toxic spills, biohazards, or terrorism. A key factor for these men and women is their confidence that after performing their duties they can get out of their protective gear and go home - clean.

We help those we serve answer many questions vital to the health and safety of HazMat responders and receivers to the effectiveness of their procedures.

By integrating real-world know how with academic and research, HSA employs the applied sciences for the development of simulants that represent contaminants, while integrated the best knowledge of fate and transport for mitigation and control in a decon process.

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