Essential HSA

Successful decontamination is a linchpin of emergency response to hazardous material incidents and events involving weapons of mass destruction. Without it, responders will not be safe, victims will not become clean patients, cross-contamination among workers will occur, and incident management efforts will be severely disrupted.

We use a systems approach to evaluate the performance of decontamination systems. A decon system consists of 3 main components: procedures, training, and equipment. To maximize the effectiveness of decontamination for responders, victims, medical receivers, and others, each decon system component and the entire system should be tested and performance verified using the same methodology and standards.

Experience has proven to us that a dangerous gap exists between the perceived and actual effectiveness of decon systems employed today. We combine research and many years of experience as response professionals and trainers and a consistent set of tools and techniques to verify the effectiveness of decon procedures, personnel training, and decon equipment. The benefits are immediate, observable, and repeatable.

We evaluate decon systems using our proprietary decontamination effectiveness evaluation process (DEEP) developed by our principle investigators (formerly at Los Alamos National Laboratory). DEEP training, research, and testing employ safe, multi-state, multi-function, multi-color simulants that fluoresce under ultraviolet light as simulated contaminants. These simulants represent an extremely difficult condition for decontamination, without attempting to mimic the characteristics of any one hazardous material. Tracking the spread of these simulants from exposure, through decontamination, to the subject's skin provides a consistent basis for evaluation of decon system performance and individual or unit proficiency. We also take our DEEP technology into the field to provide our clients with operationally-oriented, testing and evaluation of decon systems under real-world circumstances.

Our staff is comprised of response professionals with over 45 years of experience, much of it while working at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Nation's premier nuclear laboratory where they participated in the numerous response related activities. We have certified CSTI Outreach Instructors, Response Team Members,certified Industrial Hygienist, and a professional Safety Engineer.

We help our clients answer many questions vital to the health and safety of HazMat Workers to the effectiveness of HazMat Response Teams.

  • From a Buyer: Is this suit (or any other piece of PPE) the best performer from among all the alternatives for use by my personnel?
  • From a Manufacturer: Does my PPE product or equipment work better than the competition's?
  • From a First Responder: Will I be able to doff my contaminated PPE without re-contaminating myself?
  • From a Decontamination Team: Are we proficient in a decontamination procedure that has had its effectiveness verified? What is the risk of cross-contamination?
  • From a CST: Have we verified our procedures and our proficiency against the most difficult conditions?
  • From a Fire or Police Department: Can we get field training to improve our decontamination proficiency?
  • From a State Governor: Can my State's first responders verify their proficiency in a mass casualty event using state-of-the-art techniques?
  • From a Hospital: Can my emergency staff learn how best to receive contaminated people for treatment without cross contaminating each other?

Send us your question. Click on a link to learn more about us, our staff, our technology, and how we apply our capabilities to help clients with equipment performance validation and with applications and skill validation.

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