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Question/Comment: Hi, Trash is blowing around all over the El Rito Campus.

Thanks for the heads up. We are currently engaging with Rio Arriba County to see what can be done about providing some type of trash service in the village. Without a regular service, unfortunately, littering will remain a huge challenge.

Question/Comment: All male employees of NNMC need to be trained to treat all female employees (supervisors, supervisees, peers) with respect, fairness, dignity, and with equal opportunity.

Thank you very much for the comment.  We take this very seriously, and urge everyone at the college to take heart of this statement.  Everyone at Northern, at the very least, deserves respect, fairness, dignity, and equity of opportunity.  Let me also make this very clear: sexual harassment or gender discrimination of any kind at Northern New Mexico College will not be tolerated.

We are currently engaging in dialogues with representatives from A Call to Men to discuss gender equity and awareness at the college.  More soon.

Question/Comment: Why is it that when I have a contract I cannot get the same paycheck twice? Each pay day I receive a different amount. This is especially concerning because some school policies limit my income and I must watch every dollar.

I apologize for the headaches you are experiencing from the discrepancies in your paycheck.  Please reach out to our Human Resources Officer, Mr. Ken Lucero, at kenneth.lucero@nnmc.edu, so he can coordinate with the business office and we can get this resolved as soon as possible.  Again, sorry for the challenges.

Question/Comment: Hello, I'm a new faculty member starting this Fall. I just want to write and say that my experience teaching at NNMC has been incredibly positive. I continue to teach online at a school back east and the contrast is striking in how both administrations have handled moving classes online and communication with faculty. When I am in touch with anyone at NNMC they always express their gratitude. I have never taught at a college where this is the case. So although I have not met anyone in person I don't feel so removed from the mission of NNMC.
One thing I would suggest is more support for students who don't have stable internet. I have a couple students who lost internet for a week at a time and don't have transportation to NNMC. I'm not really sure what the solution would be. And my biggest concern is that as the semester progresses I am losing some students in that they've stopped participating after the date that I could withdraw them from the course. It would help me to know what services I could continue to use to try to engage the student. Like early alert etc. Otherwise I feel supported. It'd help to know if the college anticipates being online this summer or even Fall 2021. Thank you.

Thank you for your concern about student internet access.  Without question, moving 95 percent of our curriculum online during this pandemic has not been a panacea.  For example, 48 percent of homes in Rio Arriba County do not have access to the internet, and with the proliferation of telehealth and other services, access to broadband is far more than an educational dilemma, and is truly a social justice issue.  In the short term, the college is using its philanthropic arm to offer free loans of both chromebooks and now jetpacks and hotspots to students in need.  We recognize that this is only a temporary fix, however, so we are also working at all levels of government (city, county, state, and national) to advocate for long-term sustainable solutions.  Thanks again for your advocacy.

Question/Comment: Please announce who this executive team is.

Thank you for the question. The executive team is the administration — the president and vice presidents.

Question/Comment: Pay equity.

Thank you for the input.  I am very proud of the progress we have made in the last four years in this area. 99% of our employees received raises in 2018 and 2019 (after almost a decade without), and the raises were purposefully inversely designed (in other words, those near the top of the pay scale received raises of 1 to 2 percent (zero percent for the president), while some at the lower end received pay raises as high as 17%). Our relationships with our union partners are stronger now than ever.  Do we still have work to do?  Absolutely. But I also want to recognize the efforts we have made thus far to solve pay imbalances at the institution.

Question/Comment: The dates for the roundtable are almost a year from now, I cannot think of a reason for that. It seems it will not serve it purpose since current issues will not be corrected or confronted when they need

I know we scheduled these wayyyyyy in advance. The goal was to bring us together in informal ways, with no agenda other than to gather to talk to faculty and staff members on any topics of interest that day (when it is safe to do so, we will actually do them at local restaurants so we can break bread together). I worry sometimes that I focus a lot of my attention outside of the college, and that I don't commit enough time to hear from all of you about things that matter to you. So the roundtable discussions, this Anonymous Faculty and Staff Feedback mechanism, and our upcoming Eagle Newsletter will hopefully move us in a more fruitful direction. Please keep us posted!  We want to make sure you have a say in how our institution is run, and how it serves our students and our community.

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