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Congratulations to our Spring Graduates!
Business Administration
Valeria Yvette Verdugo CERT Cosmetology
Lili Consuelo Lares-Chavez AAS  Cosmetology
Marissa M. Maestas AAS  Cosmetology
Marjorie E. Martinez Magna Cum Laude   AAS Barbering
Tiffany Garcia AAS Office Administration
Monica M. Martinez AAS Office Administration
Aynjil Severa BacaPTK, Summa Cum Laude   AA Business Administration
Samantha M. Carlson AA Business Administration
Adela Chavez AA Business Administration
Jason Scott Chavez AA Business Administration
Amos Duran AA Business Administration
Suzanne Elliott AA Business Administration
Susan Y. Espinoza AA Business Administration
Kristin L.Gallegos PTK, Cum Laude   AA Business Administration
Samuel Zachary LeDoux AA Business Administration
Mallory F. Miera AA Business Administration
Geraldine Sanchez Cum Laude   AA Business Administration
Monica Sanchez AA Business Administration
William G. Trujillo AA Business Administration
Ericka Zabala AA Business Administration
Khalil Jeremy L. Kapili Cum Laude   BBA Accounting
Ivan Carlos Abeyta BBA Business Administration Management
Matthew N. Brito BBA Business Administration Management
Amos Duran Cum Laude   BBA Business Administration Management
Tracy Lyn Fresquez BBA Business Administration Management
Stephanie A. Gonzales BBA  Business Administration Management
Ashley R. Herrera Magna Cum Laude   BBA  Business Administration Management
Rosalinda Olivas Cum Laude   BBA Business Administration Management
Alexandria N. Romero BBA Business Administration Management
Kimberly A. Romero BBA Business Administration Management
Christina R. Serrano BBA Business Administration Management
Demeatrio D. Wade BBA Business Administration Management

Career and Technical Education
David J. Romero Jr. Summa Cum Laude   AAS Automotive Technology
Jose Reducindo Jeronimo Martinez AAS Computer Aided Drafting   PTK, Cum Laude
Andrew D. Martinez CERT Welding
Steven Hampshire Cum Laude   CERT Welding, AAS Welding
Brandon Anthony Kave Cum Laude   AAS Welding
Herminio G. Padilla AAS Welding

College of Arts and Sciences

Fine Arts
Ronald A. Martinez CERT Film Technician Training
Joshua I. Gallegos CERT Film Technician Training, AA Art
Augusta G Griego Summa Cum Laude   AA Fiber Arts
Barbara L. Roybal Magna Cum Laude   AA Fiber Arts
Lawrence David Bailon AA Film & Digital Media Arts
Joshua I. Gallegos AA Film & Digital Media Arts
Luis X. Rael Cum Laude   AA Film & Digital Media Arts
Forrest Gene Titla AA Film & Digital Media Arts

Humanities, Social Sciences, Language & Letters
Jamilah Sagirah Dixon, Cum Laude   AA Criminal Justice
Maria Hernandez AA Criminal Justice
Frances A. Herrera AA Criminal Justice
Jerry Griego AA General Studies
Leona Ramona Herrera AA General Studies
Samuel Zachary LeDoux AA General Studies
Valerie J. Rivera AA Liberal Arts
Shannon M. LaRoche AA Human Services in Social Science
Sally C. VanCuren AA Human Services in Social Science
Charles Michael Bracken AA Substance Abuse Counseling
Goldyne F. Duran BAIS Psychology
Leticia Myrisia Garcia BAIS Psychology
Concepcion Garcia Allen Cum Laude   BAIS Psychology
Shawnti Gonzalez BAIS Psychology
Loretta A. Gurule Magna Laude   BAIS Psychology
Francine E. Lopez BAIS Psychology
Stephanie Maestas Cum Laude   BAIS Psychology
Desiree Martinez BAIS Psychology
Crystal Roybal Magna Cum Laude   BAIS Psychology
Rachel Timmerman BAIS Psychology
Karen E. Woods Cum Laude   BAIS Psychology
Andrea Harvier BAIS Pueblo Indian Studies

Math & Science
Monica A. Mendez CERT Radiation Control Technician
Erin Jeanne Kennedy Summa Cum Laude   AAS Radiation Protection
Enriquez Benjamin Jaramillo Cum Laude AAS   Wildland Fire Science
Thomas F. Krock Cum Laude   AAS Wildland Fire Science
Daniel Sanchez Jr. AAS Wildland Fire Science
Austin C. Kuhlman Magna Cum Laude   AS Natural Resources Management
Lazar Cvijovic Cum Laude   AS Mathematics
Jeremy L. Tapia AS Mathematics
Yuri Almeida BS Biology
Leorrie A. Atencio BS Biology
Lita Caro Owen BS Biology
Camille Rochelle Ulibarri BS Biology
Roland M. Bustos BS Environmental Science
Moises Elias Lujan Magna Cum Laude   BS Environmental Science
Daniel James Martinez PTK, Summa Cum Laude   BS Environmental Science
Yesca Sullivan  Cum Laude   BS Environmental Science
Nicole Amanda Valdez BS Environmental Science
William Stiles Wilson BS Environmental Science

College of Education
Arturo Baeza AA Early Childhood Education
Kenneth Chavez AA Early Childhood Education
Leslie Martinez AA Early Childhood Education
Angela Talache Tapia AA Early Childhood Education
Meghan B. Trujillo AA Early Childhood Education
Maria G. Carmona Cum Laude   AA  Elementary Education
Jimmy Martinez  Cum Laude   AA  Elementary Education
Adriana A. Rojo Gomez  PTK, Cum Laude   AA Elementary Education
Alexandria N. Romero AA Elementary Education
Crystal Dominguez BA Elementary Education
Tomacita P. Dominguez BA Elementary Education
Davina Louise Lucero BA Elementary Education
Karol Romero  Summa Cum Laude   BA Elementary Education
Pamela L.Trujillo BA Elementary Education
Tranette Terese Turrietta BA Elementary Education
Emily M. Gonzales  Summa Cum Laude ALT Elementary Education K-8
Ashley R. Schmiedicke Summa Cum Laude   ALT Elementary Education K-8
Linda Pike Bennett ALT Secondary Education 7-12
Michael D. Curry  Summa Cum Laude   ALT Secondary Education 7-12
Melanie Peters McKinley  Summa Cum Laude   ALT Secondary Education 7-12
Roberta E. Montoya  Cum Laude   ALT Secondary Education 7-12
Raul Peralta  PTK  Summa Cum Laude   ALT Secondary Education 7-12
Yi Su ALT Secondary Education 7-12
LeAnn K. Archuleta ALT Special Education K-12
Barbara Kress  Summa Cum Laude   ALT Special Education K-12

Miguel A. Pacheco AE Information Engineering Technology
Jessica S. Vigil AE Information Engineering Technology
Jeremy L.Tapia AE Pre-Engineering

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Estrella N. Padilla  Cum Laude   AAS Allied Health
Amanda Lisa Castillo  Cum Laude   CERT Massage Therapy
Shari Harper CERT Massage Therapy
Sandra Kay Jennings  Magna Cum Laude   CERT Massage Therapy
Callie Marie Jennings CERT Massage Therapy
Nichole Andrea Martinez CERT Massage Therapy
Lorena Miramontes CERT Massage Therapy
Juan Antonio Montoya CERT Massage Therapy
Amber Lee Roybal CERT Massage Therapy
Christopher Garcia AAS Massage Therapy
Ray Thomas Griego  Cum Laude   AAS Massage Therapy
Inmaculada Maria Lopetegui  Magna Cum Laude   AAS Massage Therapy
Christopher R. Larranaga AAS Radiologic Technology
Ella Marie Lobato AAS Radiologic Technology
Javier E. Vigil AAS Radiologic Technology
Natalie Leanne Castillo AAS Nursing (ADN)
April DeHerrera AAS Nursing (ADN)
Caroline Elliot AAS Nursing (ADN)
Susan M. Eichner AAS Nursing (ADN)
Peggy Horne  Cum Laude   AAS Nursing (ADN)
Laurie A. Padilla  Cum Laude   AAS Nursing (ADN)
Dolores M. Trujillo AAS Nursing (ADN)
Samantha Whitchurch AAS Nursing (ADN)
Mary Patricia Willms  Cum Laude   AAS Nursing (ADN)
Jessica Fidelia Garcia AS Nursing (ADN)
Jolene R. Gurule  PTK, Cum Laude   AS Nursing (ADN)
Molly Laurae Irwin AS Nursing (ADN)
Kristi Keffer Linn  Cum Laude   AS Nursing (ADN)
Kristi Krone Bradshaw AS Nursing (ADN)
Leanna Amanda Martinez AS Nursing (ADN)
Danielle Lee Melton  PTK, Magna Cum Laude   AS Nursing (ADN)
Amy Vandling Pickett  Magna Cum Laude   AS Nursing (ADN)
Alicia M. Romero AS Nursing (ADN)
Susana M. Wuissar AS Nursing (ADN)
Devonna M. Naranjo BS RN to BSN
Martina J. Santizo BS RN to BSN
Christine Woolsey BS RN to BSN
Lauren Alixandra Gresha  Summa Cum Laude BS   Integrative Health Studies
LeAndra Tafoya BS Integrative Health Studies
Veronica Vigil  Magna Cum Laude  BS Integrative Health Studies
Conor Bennett Watters  Summa Cum Laude   BS Integrative Health Studies

Educational Management & Development
Northern New Mexico/NMSU Master’s Cohort
Joshua Cantrell MA Educational Leadership
Bernadette French MA Educational Leadership
Monique Garcia MA Educational Leadership
Victoria Garcia MA Educational Leadership
Fanny Gonzalez MA Educational Leadership
Olivia Lujan MA Educational Leadership
Maria Christina Velasquez MA Educational Leadership
Mario Vigil MA Educational Leadership


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