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Summer/Fall 2021 Campus Reintegration Guidelines


Starting July 21, 2021

June 29, 2021

Greetings Team Northern,

Here is an overview of our plans for campus reintegration for Summer and Fall 2021. These guidelines will take effect on Monday July 12, 2021. This guidance is subject to change as the situation continues to evolve, so please be flexible and responsive, and please stay actively tuned in to the latest updates.

Campus Access: Campus access will no longer be restricted for students, faculty and staff. In other words, you will not be required to get permission in advance from college leadership to access the campus.

Proof of Vaccination: The College will send out an email asking all students, faculty and staff to provide proof of vaccinations (emailing a digital photo of your CDC vaccination card will suffice, along with full name, student ID (if applicable), NNMC email address, and gender) to Mr. Kendall Berrian, NNMC’s Health and Safety Officer, at healthandsafety@nnmc.edu. This is not required but HIGHLY encouraged, so that we have an understanding of the levels of vaccination on the team. Also, please know that the list of vaccinated individuals will not be published nor released to the public.

Health Status: Once back on campus, if anyone becomes infected with COVID-19, they must immediately report their health status to the Health and Safety Manager via email at kendall.berrian@nnmc.edu. Kendall will then report that health status to Northern’s senior leadership, and will contact the faculty, staff, or student to conduct contact tracing in order to warn others in the campus community that may be at risk of receiving the virus. If at any time the number of COVID infections reaches 3% of the college population, then college administration in consultation with the Health and Safety Officer will consider an immediate shut down of our campuses until conditions improve.

Open Facilities: The NNMC Security Team will open buildings on both campuses based on expected access needs (for example, the Montoya Admin/General Education building on the Española campus will be open on all business days since it contains most of our student services offices). Facilities that are not being used will remain closed and locked to alleviate the pressures on the security team but can be opened upon request.

Fall Courses: Because we still have students who cannot return yet to the area, 90% of our fall courses starting in August will be held online. However, there will be a large number of 8-week courses that will start in October that will be held in-person, and it is probable that most courses in spring 2022 will be held in person. Starting July 12, areas such as the library and other common areas will be available for students who are experiencing internet challenges at home.

Masks: Individuals who have not given proof of vaccination to the Health and Safety Officer will be REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times on either campus, with two exceptions: (1) outdoors when property socially distanced; and (2) within the confines of an individual office or classroom with no other person present. For those who have given proof of full vaccination to the Health and Safety Officer, masks will be optional. ALL personnel however will be required to carry a mask on their person at all times. If you encounter an individual with a mask on, please consider putting your mask on if it makes the other person more comfortable. When in doubt, ask that person, and let’s all be respectful and understanding.

Social Distancing: There should still be a general adherence to CDC social distancing guidelines (6 feet inside, 3 feet outside) when possible and practical. This is critical when in the vicinity of individuals with masks on (whether you are vaccinated or not).

Classroom Guidelines: Faculty will have the responsibility to oversee that students follow these guidelines in their classes.

Remote Work: Stay tuned for additional guidelines for remote work, which will be posted, coordinated, and implemented by supervisors in individual offices.

Adherence to Guidelines: PLEASE be respectful of these guidelines. We need to follow these to mitigate the continued risks of the pandemic. Individuals who are in violation of any of these guidelines may be asked to leave the campus, either temporarily or in extreme cases, permanently.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me anytime at rick.bailey@nnmc.edu. Thank you for your attention.


Richard J. Bailey Jr., PhD
Northern New Mexico College

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