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NNMC Mill Levy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern New Mexico College Mill Levy?

The Northern New Mexico College Mill Levy is a ballot initiative that, if passed, would provide $2.4 Million annually to establish and sustain associate degree programs in key trades, including plumbing/pipefitting and electrical, at its El Rito and Española campuses.

What is the benefit?

With this initiative, Northern New Mexico College aims to create a skilled local workforce to meet employer needs and to support economic development for the region. Northern’s Mill Levy would also establish a free transportation network for partnering communities to and from both the El Rito and Española campuses, and expand dual credit opportunities for high school students within the Branch Community College District.

What is Northern’s Branch Community College District?

Northern’s Mill Levy is made possible by the creation of a branch community college district, which was passed unanimously by the New Mexico Legislature in 2019 and signed into law by the Governor. Northern has partnered with five local public school districts — Española, Pojoaque Valley, Chama Valley, Mesa Vista, and Jemez Mountain — to establish the NNMC Branch Community College District.

What is a mill levy?

A mill levy allows local jurisdictions to raise money from property taxes, based upon the value of the land each person or business owns.

Each “mill” represents a tax of one-thousandth of a dollar for each dollar of the taxable value of the property. Northern’s is a “2 mill levy,” meaning two-thousandths.

How will the tax money be spent?

The revenue from the Mill Levy would go directly to establishing and sustaining key trades programs and providing transportation to Northern’s campuses for individuals residing in the Branch Community College District . While the programs will require equipment and dedicated instructors, the Branch Community College will not have a separate president or executive staff.

How will this impact my taxes?

The Mill Levy would cost the average homeowner between $2.50 and $5.00 per month, or $2 on each $1,000 of net taxable property value —less than the cost of the average fast food meal. Taxable property value is calculated based upon county assessed value. For example:

• A property with a resale value of $200,000 may have a county assessed value of $90,000.

• The taxable value is one third of the assessed value, or $30,000.

• The tax burden is $2 per every $1,000, equaling an increase of $60 per year, or $5 per month.

Will Northern’s Mill Levy question be on my ballot?

Anyone registered to vote for the November 5, 2019 election in the state of New Mexico who resides in Northern’s Branch Community College District (Española, Pojoaque, Mesa Vista, Chama Valley, and Jemez Mountain Public School Districts) can vote on Northern’s Mill Levy.

If you are not sure whether you live within the district, visit www.NMVOTE.org to look up your voter information. Here you can view your voting districts and a sample ballot.

Where do I find Northern’s Mill Levy question on the ballot?

Because Northern’s Mill Levy question will be present on ballots in parts of Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, and Taos Counties, the order of the question in relation to other county or school district tax questions may vary. However, on all ballots, the question is entitled “Northern New Mexico College Branch Community College Adopting Tax Rolls of the local schools.”

Who else supports this?

Northern’s Mill Levy initiative has been endorsed by the Northern New Mexico Normal School Alumni Association, the Española Valley Chamber of Commerce, SER-Jobs for Progress, and the five branch community college partner school districts — Española, Pojoaque, Mesa Vista, Jemez Mountain, and Chama. Northern has also partnered with the United Association of Plumbers/Pipefitters Local Union 412 and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union 611 to enroll 200 students in trades programs beginning Fall 2020.

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