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NM Performance Effectiveness Report

The New Mexico Council of University Presidents (CUP) publishes an annual Performance Effectiveness Report designed, in part, to comply with the requirements of the Accountability in Government Act (AGA). This report describes each university’s AGA performance goals and offers considerable additional accountability information. Northern New Mexico College began participating in this report in 2012 after becoming a 4 year institution and graduating our first (6-year cohort) graduate. Reports are posted on the CUP website.


Carl D. Perkins Report

2012 Perkins Report
2011 Perkins Report (corrected)
2010 Perkins Report
2009 Perkins Report
2008 Perkins Report

2007 Perkins Report

Community College Performance Based Indicators

2011 Performance Based Indicator Report
2010 Performance Based Indicator Report
2009 Performance Based Indicator Report

2008 Performance Based Indicator Report
2007 Performance Based Indicator Report

Meeting our Missions Report

2009 NNMC Meeting our Missions Report
2008 NNMC Meeting our Missions Report
2007 NNMC Meeting our Missions Report


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