Degrees & Certificates

In 2014, Northern completed a review of the total credit hours required to earn an associate and bachelor’s degree, leading to a reduction of required hours to 60 and 120 respectively for most degrees. Due to accreditation requirements and other industry regulations, some degrees may require additional hours.

Degrees & Certificates @Northern
Program of Study Certificates Associates Bachelors PostGraduate
Art AA
Barbering/Cosmetology CERT AAS
Biology AS BS (Molecular and Cell Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Business Administration Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeping, Entrepeneurship, Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management AA (Office Administration, Business Administration) BBA (Accounting, Management, Project Management)
Chemistry AAS
Crime & Justice Studies AA (CJ), AAS (Police Science) BA (Integrated Studies)
Dance AA
Education AA (Early Childhood, Elementary Education) BA (Elementary Education) Alternative Licensure (Elementary, Secondary, Special Education)
Electrical Technology CERT AAS
Environmental Science AS BS (Environmental Monitoring, Natural Resource Mgmt)
Film and Digital Media Arts CERT AA
Hospitality, Tourism, and Restaurant Mangagement CERT
Human Services and Social Sciences AA BA (Integrated Studies)
Information Engineering Technology AEng BEng Post-Baccalaureate CERT
Liberal Arts / Integrated Studies AA BA (Integrated Studies)
Math and Physical Science AS  (Math, Science) BS (Math with concentrations in Engineering, IT, Chemistry, or Physics)
Electromechanical Engineering Tech AEng (Pre-Engineering) BEng
Music AA BM
Nursing AAS RN to BSN
Practical Nursing CERT
Psychology BA (Integrated Studies)
Pueblo Indian Studies AA BA (Integrated Studies)
Radiation Science CERT (Radiation Control Tech) AAS (Radiation Protection)
Renewable Energy AAS
Residential Assistant CERT
Residential Assistant (SFIS) CERT
Software Engineering AEng
Southwest Heritage Arts AA
Spanish Colonial Furniture Making Non-Degree
Substance Abuse Counseling AA, AAS BA (Integrated Studies)
Theater AA (Theater, Technical Theater)
Viticulture and Enology CERT AAS
Weaving Non-degree
Wildland Fire Science CERT AAS

The Student Advisement Center provides degree checklists and educational planning forms as a planning resource for students and advisors. The checklists provide a way to keep track of curriculum requirements for certificates and degrees listed in the Northern catalog.

Please use these checklists and planning forms to keep a record of courses you have taken, check for prerequisites, and plan ahead for courses you still need to take.