Why should I go to NORTHERN

Find out why college is important and how NORTHERN could be right for you.

Why should I go to College?

What are some reasons you might consider for attending college? Are you better off going to college?

1. Financial Security: A person with a bachelor’s degree earns almost three times what a person with a high school diploma ears, and over a life time earns one million dollars more. Quite a difference.

2. Figure out who you are: A college education can help you figure out who you are and what you really want in life. Hopefully, it will encourage you to explore new ideas and subjects and give you a broader view of yourself. Having an opportunity to understand yourself in a different way gives you perspective for your present journey and “food” for thought for your future.

3. Meet people: You will meet many people at college and some will turn out to be life-long friends. These people can shape your life in very positive ways and help you grow as a person. You will meet different people from those you have known, people who will share your passions, values and interest.

4. Learn something: A college education is an opportunity to learn what you love. Take the time to enjoy learning what you are truly passionate about. College teaches you many other skills other than those that are job related. It cultivate critical and independent thinking while preparing you to be a responsible person of your community and globally.

5. Have fun: College is a whole new experience and you will have fun.

Why should I go to NORTHERN New Mexico College?

1. Faculty to student ratios: The ratio of faculty to students in the classroom is 10:1. If you go to a large university you might have anywhere from 50-500 in a freshman class. This means that faculty at Northern know your name and care about your education. They are interested in you learning and will work with you individually to understand the material.

2. Open Admissions: The policy means that everyone is welcome at Northern and we believe that all students have the potential to succeed. Northern believes in you and believes in the right that all people have the opportunity to be educated. This policy by its nature encourages diversity in a variety of ways and assures student the most ideal way to understand the world from a variety of perspectives. It ensures accessibility to all who come to its doors and values all who walk in.

3. Low Cost: Northern has the lowest tuition and fees of any four-year college or university in New Mexico.

4. Faculty: The faculty are outstanding at Northern, and dedicated to teaching. Northern is primarily a teaching college, with faculty focusing on student learning. The majority of the full-time faculty have a PhD and many do their own professional work and research. You will learn from faculty who are doing the “work,” not just teaching you from a book.