Student Advisement

Make an appointment for Academic Advisement. Learn how Northern's Academic Advisors can help you get started and stay on track for a successful college experience.

• Set up a meeting with an Academic Advisor where you will sign up for new student orientation and discuss your academic and career goals.

All new students, and transfer students with fewer than 12 credit hours, are required to meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes. Continuing students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor before registering.

Your advisor can help you:

  • Choose a major and explore career options
  • Complete a course preference schedule
  • Create a realistic and attainable education plan
  • Review the requirements for graduation and your chosen major
  • Remove any advisement holds on your account

• To schedule a meeting, contact the Advisement Center at
(505) 747-2150.

  • You do not need to bring any materials to your initial meeting. Your advisor will provide you with an information packet.
  • They will help you arrange testing if you have not yet done so.

• Your Advisor will sign you up for New Student Orientation where you will:

  • Tour the campus
  • Learn about student resources
  • Get an overview of Financial Aid
  • Register for classes
  • Tour the campus
  • Get your student ID
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Get your books and materials


Tobe Bott-Lyons, Interim Director of Institutional Advisement
Justin Garcia, Academic Advisor
Amparo Gidney, Academic Advisor
Gwen T. Orona, Academic Advisor