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Tuition & Fees - Northern New Mexico College

Tuition & Fees

New Mexico Resident Tuition

1 to 12 credit hours, per hour = $114.50
12 to 18 credit hours = $1374 (full-time rate)
18+ hours = $1374 plus $114.50 for each hour over 18.

If you are a Senior citizen (age 65 and above) and are classified as a resident of New Mexico, you will be charged $5.00 per credit for lower division courses or $20.40 per credit for upper division courses. If you enroll for more than 6 credits, charges for those credits over 6 will be made at the rate of $114.50 per credit. (This does not apply to Continuing Education courses.)

Non-Resident Tuition

1 to 12 credit hours, per hour = $425.45
12 to 18 credit hours = $5105.40 (non-resident full-time rate)
18+ hours = $5105.40 plus $425.45 for each hour over 18.

Note: Northern used to allow non-residents to pay in-state tuition if enrolled in 6 credits or less. Recently passed legislation no longer allows that to happen.

Non-Resident Tuition (WUE)

Reduced rate of 150% of resident tuition for eligible degrees, offered through participating state in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (www.wiche.edu/wue)

1 to 12 credit hours, per hour = $171.75
12 to 18 credit hours = $2061 (non-resident full-time rate)
18+ hours = $2061. plus $171.25 for each hour over 18.


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Required Student Fees

Applicable to all students

  • Registration fee: $25/term
  • Activity fee: $3/credit hour
    (capped at $36 for 12+ hours)
  • Student Service fee: $10/credit hour
    (capped at $120 for 12+ hours)
  • IT fee:  $20/credit hour
    (capped at $240 for 12+ hours)
  • Building & Equip renewal: $10/credit hour
  • Library student fee: $1.25/credit hour
  • Security fee: $1.25/credit hour

Applicable to students taking 4+ hours

  • Online Access fee: $35
  • Athletic fee: $50

Other fees (as applicable)

  • Online Payment Plan Fee: $25/term
  • Unofficial Transcript Fee:  $2
  • Official Transcript Fee:  $5
  • Graduation: $100
  • Cap & Gown: $37.50

Late Fees

  • Late Registration: additional $35
  • Payment Plan Late Fee:  $10

Test, Lab and other Course-specific fees:

For Graduate Students

  • Graduate Application Fee: $25
  • Graduate Education course fee:
    $200 for 1-6 hours; $300 for 7+ hours
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