Facilities Department

The Facilities Department has implemented a new management information system that will assist in scheduling, tracking and reporting of maintenance activities here at Northern New Mexico College.

As customers, this will affect the way you request services. We encourage you to use our online Work Order requesting system. You can access the system by opening your browser and going to NNMC Work Order Requests.

IMPORTANT: Save this URL as a bookmark so you can refer to it when you need to submit requests.

This link, NNMC Work Order Requests, will take you to the screen for submitting a new work order request.

The following is a description for each field:

  • Subject: Enter short description. (i.e. Painting or Move Furniture)
  • Requester: Your First and Last Name.
  • Originator phone: Your Full Phone Number (XXX-XXXX).
  • Requester email: Type your email address in this field, as we may need to email you back for additional information, so make sure it is accurate.
  • Campus: Choose El Rito Campus or Española Campus
  • Department: Choose your department from the dropdown list.
  • Room or Area: This field is used to locate the problem room or area within the facility record you choose.
  • Description: Please describe the nature……: This section will be used to further explain your request. This is an unlimited text box, so feel free to provide any information you deem necessary. If you need to submit a drawing, layout, or file you will need to send it via email to andy@nnmc.edu as an attachment. The Facilities Department will put the files together in the system.
  • Due Date: Enter the date you need this request to be completed.
  • Priority: Please set the Priority Level

Work Type, Assigned, Issue Status Comments and Category are to be filled out by the Facilities Office.
Once you have provided all the information you feel we will need to address your issue, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the form.

Facilities Department
NNMC Work Order Requests