Equity & Diversity

Black History Month Teach-Ins Hosted by Office of Equity and Diversity & the Diversity Council

OEDLogoFebruary 17th: What was the March on Selma? Why does it still matter?
Admin Bldg., Boardroom, 2-3:30

Join the Office of Equity and Diversity and members of the Diversity Council in a discussion about The March on Selma which occurred 50 years ago to demand equal access to voting rights for African American citizens in Alabama. We will have a teach-in that utilizes video and texts to learn about the March on Selma, understand its significance in bringing about the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and discuss the implications for all of this 50 years later.

February 25th: #blacklivesmatter
Admin Bldg., Boardroom, 2-3:30

In the second part of the OED Black History Month Teach In series, we will discuss the nation-wide activist movement #blacklivesmatter that began after the Eric Garner decision in New York City and the Mike Brown decision in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. In both cases, Black men were killed by the respective police forces where they lived. We will discuss the cases and related issues, the outcry and activism in the aftermath, and nationwide activism that is occurring under the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.  We will discuss what #blacklivesmatter means in our own community.