Grants Office

Northern’s Grants Office collaborates with staff and faculty in seeking sponsored project funding. Responsibilities and Services of the Grants Office include:

  • Generating proposals and supporting documents in response to federal, state, and private funding solicitations
  • Generating revenue for Northern New Mexico College through timely submissions of well-researched, well written and well-documented grant/fund-raising proposals
  • Identifying grant/fund-raising possibilities that address the mission of the College and that of individual academic departments
  • Developing and maintaining specialized databases and systems for recording and tracking grant proposals, awards, and related statistical information; create and distribute standard and special reports, studies, summaries, and analyses, as required.
  • Providing advice and guidance to researchers on the application of grant funding policies, regulations, and procedures; facilitate and support the research and identification of funding opportunities on behalf of investigators, as appropriate.
  • Engaging with program officers at organizations to solicit invitations to submit proposals
  • Engaging the College’s staff and faculty for the purposes of writing proposals that represent collaborative expertise and input
  • Participating in the generation of intermediate and annual performance reports to the federal government, corporate foundations and other funders

Grant Submission Procedures (pdf)
Sponsored Project Routing Form (pdf)

For more information, contact:

Carman Melendrez, Grant Writer
(505) 747-5495