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Where have all the bugs gone?

BUG show photo

If you missed the bugs at the Library you'll have another chance to see them. Bug collector Oliver Greer tells us that as of Saturday May 4th, the bugs are in the Harrell House of Natural Oddities at the De Vargas Mall in Santa Fe. They are on display with about two dozen live spiders, scorpions, whip spiders, centipedes, millipedes and roaches, and are already causing quite a stir.

"I just want to say again what a great time I had showing my collection at Northern. Every day was a positive experience, and I really liked the Ben Lujan Library as the bugs' exhibition space.

"I feel very strongly that the collection's presence at Northern reflected great credit on the campus, as the local publicity surrounding it brought many people to see the new library, it earned Northern some real recognition from the area, and it made the community aware of what a great educational resource the college is.

"Anthony Sena, Ulises Ricoy and I have already discussed bringing the collection back - all 7000 bugs this time, and I hope to make this a recurring event at Northern for many years to come."

Future plans for the collection include:

  • It's being expanded from the 2400 bugs in 30 display cases seen at the Ben Lujan Library to 7000 bugs in 80 display cases total later this summer.
  • It's under contract with Blair-Murrah Exhibitions in Missouri to become a traveling exhibit to large museums.
  • Whenever the bugs travel, they will always return home to the Harrell House in Santa Fe.