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Northern's C.A.M.P. director elected National representative by HEP/CAMP colleagues in Washington

Northern New Mexico College's CAMP Program director Martha A. Estrada was elected at a national conference this month as Western Stream Representative for the High School Equivalency Program (HEP)/College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Association.
As Western Stream Representative, Estrada will act as a direct line of communication between the national Office of Migrant Education and more than 24 CAMP chapters on the Western United States..
"As a board member, I will have the opportunity to educate our members of congress about CAMP, our services, our students and the impact our programs have in our communities. ," Estrada said.
Northern's CAMP program serves 35 students each year, providing academic, financial, and social support enabling migrant/seasonal farm workers and their families to attend college.  It is sustained by grants from the US Department of Education's Office of Migrant Education and spends over $5,000 per CAMP student each year.
"We want students and their families to know that if they've done the hard work in the fields and on the ranches and want to pursue higher education to  better their lives, we're here to support them all the way."
Estrada brings nearly a decade of CAMP experience with her, having served the program as director at the University of Washington and student advisor at New Mexico State University prior to assuming her position at Northern in December of 2011.
Estrada said that her students plan to start an on-campus student group this year with a community mission.  Northern's CAMP students, known as CAMP Scholars, will also participate in national and regional leadership conferences, attend cultural events around the region and will continue to host the nationally-ranking annual CAMPers for Life! Cesar E. Chavez National Blood Drive.
Northern is the only non-branch campus in northern New Mexico to have a CAMP program.
Participants, or their parents, must have completed at least 75 days of agricultural work in the past two-years for wages and be financial-aid eligible to qualify for this competitive assistance program.
Those interested in CAMP should contact Martha Estrada at (505) 747-5494,
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