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Northern Offers New Community Rates for Arts

Beginning this summer, Northern New Mexico College will offer a reduced rate for community members taking select studio arts classes. Non-degree seeking students taking six credit hours or less will pay $100 per credit hour, a savings of up to $400 per class, compared to previous semesters. Studio arts courses range from one to four credits each and include art, music, dance, film and theater.

"These courses are valuable to the sustainability of northern New Mexico art and culture, and they should be affordable," Vice President of Institutional Advancement Ricky Serna said.

To take advantage of these special rates, register now by calling (505) 747. 2111 or visit

Eligible Courses for Summer Semester 2014 Include:

ART 147C Retablos (El Rito)
ART 100C Intro to Basic Woodcarving
ART 110C Drawing I
ART 120C Painting I
ART 129C Basic Tinsmithing
ART 147C Pottery Workshop: Raku
ART 180C Micaceous Pottery I
DANC 110C Fitness for Dancers
FDMA 101C Intro to Digital Video Production

Eligible Courses for Fall Semester 2014 Include:

ART 180C Micaceous Pottery I
ART 280C Micaceous Pottery II
ART 120C Painting I
ART 232C Painting II
ART 152C Traditional Spanish Colonial Retablo]
ART 157C Retablo Making
ART 158C Bulto Making
ART 130C Tinsmithing I
ART 122C Elements of Design in Art
ART 233C Printmaking I
ART 243C Printmaking II
ART 110C Drawing I
ART115C Traditional Woodcarving
ART 120C Painting I
ART 232C Painting II
ART 170C Photography I
ART 270C Photography II
ART 295C Advanced Black and White Photo Printing
ART 160C Pottery I
ART 200C Pottery Glaze and Studio Practicum
ART 260C Pottery II
ART 275C Pottery III
DANC 110C Fitness for Dancers
DANC 150C Hip Hop and Jazz I
DANC 169C Flamenco Dance I
FDMA 111C Digital Media Production I
FDMA 211C Digital Media Production II
FDMA 101C Intro to Digital Video Production
FDMA 147C Topic: TV Production I
FDMA 247C Topics: TV Production II
FDMA 107C Digital Media Literacy
FDMA 140C Digital Imaging I: Adobe
FDMA 155C Digital Animation I: 3-D Max
THE 147C Topic: Musical Theater I
THE 196C Intro to Light and Sound
THE 122C Acting I
MUS 249C Chamber Music I: Jazz Combo
MUS 117C Class Bass
MUS 214C Mixed Chorus: Jazz
MUS 112C Class Voice I
MUS 111C Class Guitar I
MUS 258C Blues/Rock Band
MUS 255C NNMC Big Band
MUS 110C Class Piano I
MUS 220C Musica Folklorica Ensemble
MUS 217C Gospel Choir I