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Northern honors retirees for years of service

Story and photo by Stephanie J. Montoya
The Northern community honored three retiring staff members this December during a campus-wide luncheon celebration full of food, music and fond memories.
Josephine Aguillar, Mike Gallegos and Betty Lujan were recognized by fellow staff and faculty who shared memories and thanked them for their service.
Each of these retirees has spent more than 20 years at Northern. Betty Lujan has worked in the admissions office for 29 years and was instrumental in implementing the Banner data system currently used at the College.
“If you needed an answer to a question, everyone ran to Betty. She was like the college thermometer,” President Barcelo said. Lujan said she was able to accomplish so much because of the people she worked with.
Mike Gallegos, known to some as “Mike Rudy” served in the facilities department for 23 years.  Since 1990, Gallegos has spent time overseeing the General Education building, and the High Tech and Serpa buildings. He said that his Supervisor Andy Romero played a positive role in his time at Northern.
In her time at Northern, Administrative Assistant Josephine Aguilar has served under four presidents, two interim presidents, and worked with 18 regents. “Of all the people I’ve ever worked with, she is probably the most loyal and reliable,” Board of Regents President Michael Branch said.
Aguilar says she is proud to have been a part of documenting the college’s growth but is ready for retirement. “I’ve gotten a taste of retirement and it’s great. I’m looking forward to it,” she said.
Northern would like to thank Josephine Aguillar, Mike Gallegos and Betty Lujan for their years of service and friendship to the Northern community. You will be dearly missed.