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Holiday Art Show Winners


Photo by John T. Denne

Fall 2014 NNMC Art Show Winners

Oil Painting
Instructor: Richard Guzman
1st Place:                      Theodore Lopez                        Self Portrait
2nd Place:                     Jennifer Garcia                         Value Study: Lips & Cigarette
3rd Place:                     Molly Irwin                              Value Study: Black & White: Woman

Instructor: Jaime Valdez
1st Place:                     Edgar Velador                        Pencil: The Joker with gun
2nd Place:                    Mark Martinez                       Pen & Ink: Surrealism: Eyes
3rd Place:                    Kyana Perraglio                      Pen & Ink: Jar & Butterfly’s

Acrylic Painting
Instructor: Jaime Valdez
1st Place:                     Mark Martinez                       Eyes Blue Background
2nd Place:                    Ivonne Velazco                       Sunflower
3rd Place:                    Sarah Vigil                             Owl
Honorable Mention   Chase Montoya                       Octopus & Skull

Instructor: Judith Vejvoda
1st Place:                     Andrew Money                       Photogram of Leaf
2nd Place:                    Mariah Chavez                       Photograph of Logs in Water
3rd Place:                    Chelsea Chavez                      Leaves
Honorable Mention   Desiree Sandavol                    Tree in Mirror

Stoneware Pottery
Instructor: Donna Winchell
1st Place:                     Barbara Turner                       Organic Wall piece
2nd Place:                    Sat Shabad Khalsa                  White Textured Vase
3rd Place:                    Margaret Trujillo                   Turquoise Platter
Honorable Mention   Manuela Maeder                    Candleholder

Micaceous Pottery
Instructor: Clarence Cruz
1st Place:                     Anthony Baca                         Black Bowl w/curved scalloped
2nd Place:                    Ray Griego                             Wedding Vase          
3rd Place:                    Maria Valdez                          Mica Red Bowl/Melon Bowl
Honorable Mention   Trey                                        Archery Angel

Micaceous Pottery

Instructor: Michael Brancroft
1st Place:                     Danielle Chararria                  Wedding Vase
2nd Place:                    Cristerna Garcia                     2 Handle Bowl
3rd Place:                    Cristerna Garcia                     Cup
Honorable Mention   Lauren Gresham                     Bowl w/Kitty paws

Retablo Making

Instructor: Juanito Jimenez
1st Place:                     Viola Chavez                          Madonna & Child
2nd Place:                    Sophia Garcia                         Holy Family
3rd Place:                    Ted Martinez                          Botella sin Papeles

Best of Show

Black Bowl w/Curved scalloped lip – Micaceous Pottery
Instructor: Clarence Cruz