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Student Housing @Northern!

Northern New Mexico College will open its first residence hall on the Española campus in Fall 2015.  

The decision to offer on-campus housing is part of a strategic-planning initiative to grow enrollment and enhance student retention.

The construction and planning of the building is being undertaken through a private-public partnership between Northern and Monument, a development, construction and management company. The partnership requires that Monument secure funding for the project, including costs associated with pre-construction planning, project design, and initial development of the College’s Housing policies and procedures. Following construction, the College will enter into repayment for the facility with revenues from rent.

Northern and Monument are in the process of gathering feedback from students and the community about housing needs and preferences and will proceed with construction accordingly. The residence hall will be located South of the library and will include full security measures, student support services, and housing options for both single and family households.

If you are interested in living at Northern and want to help shape the future residence hall, go to and take our housing survey. If you have questions about the project, call us at 505 747.2161.