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Workshop: How to Stand Out to the Employer of Your Dreams

A Date to Remember: How to Stand Out to the Employer of Your Dreams 
Friday, February 14, 2014
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Santa Fe Community College
Jemez Room


Throughout the academic year, Accelerate’s Career Technical Advisors serve as coaches, advisors, and mentors to help students navigate through any issue that might affect their school work.  They also help students find internship opportunities and teach monthly professional readiness classes to prepare students for the workforce.  A Date to Remember: How to Stand Out to the Employer of Your Dreams is the culmination of these classes, providing students with a dress rehearsal and constructive feedback from regional employers on their cover letter, resume, professional attire and interviewing skills.
According to Gerard J. Martínez, Career Technical Advisor at Santa Fe Community College, “Academics, technical knowledge and experience are vital competencies for our graduates.  However, employers increasingly want assurance that students possess the ‘soft skills’ to work well with others and maintain professionalism in their job. Regionally and nationally, possessing soft skills is rising to the top of employer hiring criteria. Accelerate graduates have those skills and are being asked to demonstrate them before employers at this event.”


Representatives from around 20 regional companies and organizations will volunteer their time to work with more than 60 students in small group settings on resumes, elevator speeches, and mock interviews.   Karen Paramanandam, marketing director for Positive Energy Solar, states, “Students that are entering the workforce really should concentrate on their interview and presentation skills.  Employers are looking for employees that can problem solve, work confidently in a team environment, and possess interpersonal communication and networking skills.”  Paramanandam adds, “It’s more than just knowing technical skills and acquiring a certificate or degree.  It’s about possessing the soft skills necessary to cultivate a career.”
Human resource and hiring managers interested in participating should email Gerard J. Martínez, Accelerate Career Technical Advisor at Santa Fe Community College at


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